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Christine Kobzeff

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Diy Mini Cactus Gardens


Hey, guys, today we’re putting up our own cacti dish, so I thought about doing a clean, crisp, white modern Look, that would be really cool for indoors, and then I thought well, what about like a desert kind of sandstone sandscape look, so I figure. Well, what the heck let’s go and try to do both so. I’ve got my sandstone pot here and it doesn’t have any drainage holes. So my cactus me. Drainage holes. I’m gonna have to drill this pot out otherwise. If you have another pot, you could always set it inside a decorative pot so the different ways. You can get around that, but this one. I think I am going to go ahead and drill out so well. Hopefully my masonry bit won’t be able to get through it out. I have my character spine and style already mixed up and ready to go. I have a video on how to make up your own cactus and second the potting soil, so I will post that link to that video below. So a quick tip for putting up your cactus. You want the roots to be dry? You don’t want to repot it? When it’s been freshly watered, because if any roots break during the repotting nib process, it could easily get root rot. It could get, you know, bacteria or something from the soil into the roots, so it’s better to repot them when they’re totally dry and make sure to repot them into completely dry soil and then don’t water them right away. You want to give them? Maybe, like a week or so before you water them and one of my favorite parts about putting up a second garden or a little raw garden is using this some sort of top dressing. So I have this aquarium gravel. I just got this at Walmart. It’s super cheap. It’s like $4 50 cents or something for a bag. And so this is the white version here. They have all different colors that got, like super bright neon colors, too, and then this is like the sandstone kind of neutral tone here, so that one might work Well for our desert paint, look. I’ll bring you guys in a little closer and we’ll get started putting up our cacti Gardens, so I can already tell that this is going to be a really hard ceramic to drill, but I’m just going to take it real slow with my masonry bid, and I added a little bit of water. Once I had that notch going and I went back in and I’m just gonna hold that drill on there. Make sure have pressure on it and speed that up until I bust through there. And then I’m going to add two more holes, so I’m gonna have a total of three holes in the bottom of this container. Next time, kinetic piece is screened to place over at the bottom of the pot to cover the drainage holes that way the soil won’t fall through those drainage holes. You could use coffee filters or even a paper towel would work too. I like to start with potting up the largest plant first and then working my way around that. So I’m going to start with this cactus. This is from the Korea’s genus, and I don’t know the exact variety of it, but it has these kind of red earth spines on it, which look really cool. I’m also going to combine this mini dwarf aloe on this side. So this is a really small guy. I’m just going to kind of work him into the corner there and then the last cactus. I’m going to add to this combination is going to be this furrow cactus or barrel cactus. This is a really cute little guy, a short, chunky little thing, so I’m just going to place him right in the middle between the two and to pull our sandstone theme together. I’m going to use my kind of sandstone coloured aquarium gravel for a top dressing. Then I’m just using my paintbrush to kind of dust off any debris that might have gotten caught up in the spines of the cactus, and you could also add some accent pieces. I’m going to add a couple of stones on the side. Just little stack stones, and then I’ll take a few pebbles That are sort of in the amber and sandstone colors. I have a little piece of Amber Sea glass there too. So I’ll start with that one and just kind of lay down like a little almost like a little walkway like little pathway through the cactus, so it’s like a miniature cactus garden and before you get potting up a cactus garden. Sometimes it’s fun to just gather all your plants together. See what you have to work with, look at all the different textures of them and see what might match up well together and you can mix other types of succulents in your cactus garden as well, so it doesn’t have to be only cactus and take a look at the different leaf shapes because that’s going to give you a different look to, so you can totally sculpt and sort of like landscape, your own miniature garden, just by really playing with the textures and the colors, accent colors and leaf shapes and can totally create all different kinds of looks to sort of match your style, and then when it comes to unplugging these guys, sometimes, if I get a really pokey one, I will use a pair of tongs and so this pair of tongs is designated for my cactus when I’m repotting them, and this is a pincushion, A malaria cactus, It’s very very pokey, so I’m just gently kind of loosening up those roots pulling out any weeds, and this is a little low-profile, succulent dish That got Ross a while back, so I’m going to be using this one. I already have my soil in here. Ready to go? I’m going to start with the mammal area. Which is the largest cactus? I’m going to have in this pot and then I’m going to add in a little dwarf aloe in the back here, right next to it, and then right next to that, I’ll add in this a lo Aristotle. This is also known as the lease, a lo or torch plant and then in the other side of the dish. I’ll add three baby cactus. And I’m going to start with this Kleist. Oh, Cactus! This is a variety of Plaistow practice anyway, but they have those little hairs on. I’m little white hairs, and they are just the cutest things. I’m going to add this one That has a little touch of color right in the kind of center there, and then this other one that has more little white hairs that these are shorter and finer using a variety of cactus that have different types of spines can really create nice layers of texture. You can also create a lot of interest in your second dish by varying the heights of the plants that you use in the front here. I’m going to use hoe or theose and performace. And this is a really pretty kind of spring green and almost like star-shaped rosette and next to the horthy! I’m going to plant this tiny Cimber. Viva Mass! A little bit of purple in this rosette, which will tie in nicely with the purple tips on the spines of the center cactus. I think this will be a good place to stop now. I don’t like to pack them in too tight because I want them to have a little bit of room to grow and have a good amount of time in their pot. So I’m just going to add my top dressing now, so I’m using the white aquarium gravel and then for an accent piece. I’m going to add some of this recycle glass, just a few pieces. They have kind of a crystal like look, and I thought it would be a nice match for our wintery white cactus garden. So now that you have your mini cactus garden potted up. How do you go about watering this with different types of plants in here that may have slightly different watering requirements, So what I like to do is take a large syringe full of water, and it has a nice, precise tip on it, so I can water right at each individual plant right at the base of it, so it’s not getting into the rosette and it’s not overflowing on to maybe some of the cactus or other plants in there that I don’t want to water and that we can kind of control it a little bit easier and that’s really the main trick to growing a successful mini cactus garden is do not over water it. You wouldn’t want to soak the entire pot. Especially if the pot is larger, it may be too much water for the cactus and they could suffer from root rot, so just keep in mind that cactus and succulents like to be kept on the drier side, so let them dry out in between waterings. All right, guys? I’m gonna let you go. Thank you so much for watching, and if you do a mini cactus garden. I would love to see it, so tag me on social media. I will have my links below. Thank you so much for watching and Ill. See you guys in the next video bye.