Cactus Seed Pods | How And When To Collect Cactus Seed Pods (harvesting Cactus Fruit For Seeds)

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How And When To Collect Cactus Seed Pods (harvesting Cactus Fruit For Seeds)


Hi, everyone my name is. Anna, and welcome back to my channel. So today we are going to talk about cactus fruits or cactus seed pods, and how to know if they are ready to be harvested in order for you to get some seeds. So when your cactus is done flowering, and if the flowers are pollinated, they will form seed pods and so. How do you know if your flower formed the seed pod or not? So for instance, this is my torch cap, not tore sorry, quartz quartz, cactus or a peanut cactus. So this one is done flowering as you can see. If you see something like this, so this is a dried flower and the stalk right here is thin or narrow. That means there’s no seed pod compared to the one on top. This one as you can see. This is the dried foot tip of the flower, and there is a fruit that formed at the bottom, so it started to swell and so that is a fruit. It means the flower was pollinated, so this one if I tug on it as you can see, it easily comes off so that did not develop into a fruit. This one as well has no fruit, so sometimes they will form fruit. Sometimes they will not. You can actually do your own pollination. I did a video on how to pollinate the flower on your cactus. So if you have not seen that video, I will go ahead and put a link on the upper right corner of your screen. So that one down there is another fruit. This one is not okay so now. How do you know if a fruit is ready to be harvested? The first sign is to see if the fruit is already ripe now. How do you know if it’s ripe? It changes colors so like from this one, that’s green. That’s not ripe, so we are. Oh, this is a better example right here at this pot. So this fruit is not ready. It’s not ripe, so it’s green. If it ripens, it changes color, just like a typical fruit, so this one may be ready or almost ready, but this is not okay, so I have here some more examples of seed pods or fruits that have developed, but they’re not ready to be picked out yet, so Ill. Just leave them there for a few more weeks. This one right here again, so that’s not ready. This is actually very ready, so another sign that the fruit or the seed pod is ready to be harvested aside from being ripe like me. I like to wait for it until the fruit splits open. Let me see if I can focus on this one. So if you can see, fruit has split split open and the seeds are already coming out of the fruit and then another sign that they’re ready is if you tug on them. They’re actually easy to come off. All right, so I will put this in here for now. This one is starting to change color back there. That will be ready soon, but right here, it’s a fruit that is very much ready to be harvested, so you can see it has cracked open or split open, and we can just gently remove. Whoops, here. The fruit right here is my sette action! Ops’s mirabilis. This one not exactly sure when it first opened it. I did not realize, but I think this has been open for several days now, so we? I can just take this out and you see the seeds. It is packed with seeds, so I will put this in a container problem properly labeled for now until I have time to take out the seeds from the fruit. Wow, see that that is packed with seeds. Moving on, this is my trike. Oh, serious Grandiflora and look at that big seed pod on top of it. So this one again, it’s yellow and it already split open, so this is ready for picking. It’s actually hard to do this with just one hand, but just have to do it really gently. Wow, so let me just show you a closer look of the fruits and how the seeds look inside. So this is for my tracker. Serious grandiflora. So for this particular one. I would need to get all those seeds out and then just like with your fingers and then wipe wipe this in a tissue and let the pop dry out and then wash the seeds and then dry them again. And then you’re ready to plant them. So just make sure you take out all the pops from the seed before you plant the seeds so that you will not get fungus or or molds when you plant your seeds and then the second seed pod is from my parodia close seriai or no to cactus grocery? Id, this is the plant. The cactus mother plant. Okay, so lets. Go ahead and see what’s inside this. Oh, this one, the fruit is actually dry and the seeds are dry. See, they actually just come off very easily from the seed pod. The seeds are already dry, so I can actually already plant this straight. So that is my video for today. Please give me a thumbs up if you like this video and don’t forget to comment like and subscribe so until my next video, guys bye and Cheers !