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How To Repot A Root Bound Cactus


Hi, everyone, welcome back. My name is Anna in this channel. I share with you, my hobby of growing cactus and other desert plants over a cup of my favorite beverage coffee so today. I will be showing you how to repot a cactus. When you find out that it is so root bound in its previous pot. So this is my golden barrel, And when I purchased this two years ago, it was just in a two inch pot, and then after a few months, I reported it in a four inch pot and in just one year as you can see, it has already overgrown. It’s four inch pot. So golden barrels. They grow very fast when they grow when you grow them in full. Sun like I’ve seen this planted in the yards and gardens and the houses here in Las Vegas. And if you cut this in the ground, it grows fast and it, there’s they’re huge. They grow really big, so hence this golden barrel of mine is growing very fast and it has outgrown its four inch pot and when I took it out of its pot. I saw that it is so root bound, so I will show you. I did not film anymore in the process of me, taking it out of its pot because took me a while. I thought I was going to break. I needed to break the pot just to take it out, but luckily, I didn’t have to do that, but I did have a hard time taking him out because it was so rude bound and the roots were already attached to the Terra Cotta pot. So let me show you the root system. See, it actually has the shape of the Terra Cotta pot, so it is so rootbound even at the bottom. That’s all roots right there. So if you have a cactus, that is so root down in its pot, and you’re going to repot it normally what I do is I? Try to loosen the bottom. Loosen the roots at the bottom. I don’t like to disturb the root as much, so I just try to loosen around it or at the bottom, But in this case as you can see, it is so compact, so it is so tight, there’s no way. I can loosen the soil or the roots without actually breaking them. So what I do when I haven’t ripped down cactus like this, So instead of trying to force it to loosen what I’m going to do is, I’ll just flush or put it in running water and try to take out as much soil as I can in running water and some of you might be thinking what if I just put the entire thing inside Its new pot without trying to loosen the roots or the soil at the bottom. So what if you just prop the whole thing and it’s new pot without loosening the soil so? I’ve done this mistake before, and I’ve learned from it. So if you do this, what will happen is if you put soil around it or underneath it when you water this one without actually trying to free up the roots, what will happen is the water will just flow in the new soil that you put in and underneath it. And then the water will just flow out at the bottom and the middle part, where the roots is actually is will not get any water or it will be hard to penetrate for the water to penetrate the roots because this is so compact, so the water will just flow on the sides and out through the drainage hole without actually getting the roots. And what happened was when? I did that before my cactus. Even though I kept watering it, It just started to shrivel, and I was wondering why. And so after a month, I took it out of its pot again, and I found out that underneath. It still had the shape of the previous pot and it was so bone-dry the roots were so bone-dry, but there are soil around. It was well, so here is my golden barrel after I washed off most of the soil. So look at all those roots underneath. I did not completely go be rude because I will be repotting it anyway. So I just washed off as much soil as I can and leaving some intact with the roots, so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna let this dry first for about two days before repotting it in its new pot, so it has been a few days since we washed off some of the soil from the roots. So now we are ready to put this golden. Barrel in its new part, so now that the roots are free or we’ve loosened up most of the roots, the water will be. It will be easier for the water to penetrate the root ball and also it will be easier for the roots to grow and spread out in its new pots. So the last thing that I will do is put some top dressing in my pot, so I like to use top dressing because this helps prevent the soil, especially the perlite from floating to the top Whenever I water my Texas, all right, and if you liked this video, please don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and to my subscribers. Thank you so much for your support for those. Who are you to this channel? I hope you’ll click that subscribe button and also hit the bell to get notified whenever I post new videos. I think that should be good, okay. We just clear this table. Alright, so there you have it. I’ve repotted my golden barrel. It was rootbound before, but now the roots are free and hopefully this will not outgrow Its pot until I’m giving it. Maybe two years. Alright, so that’s it for my video today, and as always, I thank everyone for stopping by and have a good day and Cheers .