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Succulent Treehouse Fairy Garden! 🌵🧚‍♀️// Garden Answer


Hey, guys, how’s it going? I hope you enjoyed seeing this fairy garden. Come together! It was so much fun to put it together because it’s been months since we’ve done a garden like this. I kind of just wasn’t in the mood, and you kind of you have to be in the mood to do these kinds of things, and I think it’s because we get so busy and distracted by projects out here in our big garden that it really isn’t until fall and winter that I start thinking about smaller projects and like cozy things that I can do for inside and it’s Saturday today and it was all rainy for most of the day. It’s a little bit chilly out here, but I have my coffee. Benjamin is napping right now. So, Aaron and I thought you know what let’s run outside and just put together a quick fairy garden, so I had some stuff kind of gathered up because we had maybe planned on doing a fairy garden this next week, so we just kind of ran. I gathered all my stuff together. We brought it out here and got it done so. I’m really excited about it and I think it turned out fun, so I thought I would just show you kind of our setup here and talk you through a little bit of the process. So as you can see, We’re right here underneath our balcony. I don’t really know what to call this patio. It’s like the patio in front of Versailles. The balcony patio. Anyway, we did a video where I decorated this area and you can see. I haven’t gotten around to making my walnut wreaths yet. I made one, but I need to make one more, so I put my old fall wreath up, which are working for now so typically, we like to set up right here because the lighting is perfect in the afternoon because it’s on the other side of the house, so it’s still nice and bright in here, but it’s shaded and then. I have my work table right next to me right here, which you usually can’t see in the videos you can see. I have all of my cactus soil here and I used five bags total. I didn’t use any of these bags. I opened them because I didn’t know if I was gonna need them or not, but I’ll close those right back up and take him back up to my plant room. And then this is what is left of my supplies. So here’s my coffee right here and then. I have several bags of rocks the rocks in these Gardens. If you see them in ziplock bags like this and my kind of stash, it means that I have used them in other gardens and they’ve been washed and put in these bags for use use later on and then if they’re in these bags, it’s because I haven’t used, so I just used a little bit of this washed sand for our gardens and for the little fireplace area, and then I mixed in a little bit of these like shiny black stones into the area around, and then this is just some mulch we use out in our own garden, and then I brought out plants on cookie sheets, and then this is probably the most useful tool today for today’s project. This even get to focus. So this right here is a lens brush. This came with one of Erin’s cameras or lenses or something like that, and I stole it A long time ago. It were used to retract like. I can’t get it to retract. I don’t know why it doesn’t work now, but it’s super soft and it’s really nice for brushing soil. Like if I get soil on a succulent, I can just brush it off really easily with this, and then the other end I can use to kind of help. Tuck soil in around plants. So I don’t know, I’m sure you can order this. I’ll see if I can find a link because this is an amazing tool and you’ve already seen this, and I’ve kind of toyed with the idea of just taking the lights out. Cuz, you know, in the daytime, it makes it look a little bit messy as lights. Kind of do. Look, but at night, it looks so magical, so I don’t know what I’m gonna do with about that the thing about these gardens that I see or the most commonly asked questions are one. Is that a long-term garden? Well, for me, they’re usually not because I enjoy putting them together normally. And so I’ll put them together, Enjoy them for a few months, and then I take apart and reuse almost everything, and if you’re wanting to create one of these miniature or fairy gardens and have it last a long time, succulents are the very best plants you can use because, and this is kind of an answer to another question. I see a lot when you pack plants in close together like this, it’s not detrimental to them. It doesn’t hurt them. One bit and succulents and cacti can handle it better than most other plants. In fact, it slows their growth right down to where they can stay in these containers for a lot longer than you think. I could get probably a year or more out of an arrangement like this, probably more than a year with just regular grooming and maintenance. Maybe popping one or two succulents out here to allow for more room, but really nothing major, and till about the Year bark and I use stuff over and over and over again like I showed you the rocks and my Ziploc bags like all the rocks in this garden. I picked those out when I tear these things apart, and I wash them, and then I store them. For later. Use I repot. The plants, usually individually or in a big pan altogether and then. I’ll let them sit in there until I want to use them again. I just showed you guys a tour of my plant room upstairs. In a recent vlog. We’ll link that down below and I just have plants sitting under girl lights, just waiting for stuff like this and so many of the plants up there like I hardly ever buy plants for that room anymore because they’re just on constant rotation like I used these now, but later they’ll probably be back up their potted again and I’ll use some other plants. In fact, if you go back through some of our fairy or miniature Gardens, you’ll probably notice that some of these plants are the same ones. I’ve used before, and so that’s how I kind of keep the cost down, but kind of keep feeding my hobby watering for something like this is super easy. I use a really big syringe and that way I can direct the water right to the root balls, and that way I don’t like accidentally get a bunch into the sand area and mess that up, and I usually water from like the back of the container instead of right in the front and it works pretty well now. This container does not drain which I do not recommend for beginners, but I’ll probably have to water this once every couple weeks. Maybe every three weeks, something like that a little bit more often when it’s really warm outside, but usually they do really well. And when I water with a syringe, I can control how much water I’m giving it so that I make sure to never end up with a bunch of water collecting at the bottom, and then in terms of light, all of these plants prefer pretty high light, so they need to go in an area that they’ll get that, like in the brightest window that you have in your house, That’s where you’d want to put this now in terms of where I keep these so typically like sometimes. I’ll keep them around the house for a little while. Sometimes I take them down in my parent’s garden center and just like, display them as kind of like an inspirational piece. If somebody like I love it when I go places and I see containers already potted up because it kind of sparked something in me, so every once in, I’ll take them down there and just leave them there. Sometimes I just give them to the to my parents, and they can sell it or whatever they want to do with it. Sometimes they tear it apart eventually, and then they use the plants and other applications. So it just depends this one will probably live here for a little while. Benjamin will be able to look at it and he’ll want to take the lights out, though. He’s at that age where he like. I don’t think he will look at things and appreciate it. He’ll just want to kind of like mess with it. A little bit, he’s a good boy, but he still will want to tear this garden apart so anyway. I can’t really think of anything else like any other things. Any other questions. I got this container and most of these of moat, all of these tree. All of these fairy garden pieces at a local farm supply store that they had like this huge clear clearance section. A fairy garden stuff. I even know that carried fairy garden stuff. I went there for a some chicken feet, and I just it stopped me dead in my tracks, and I thought, oh, I got to get some of that stuff, so I’ll try to find similar pieces or the same ones. Maybe I can find them online. I’ll link whatever I can down below the galvanized container here that was at that farm supply store as well and I have no idea who manufactures it, but whenever I see low bowls and the galvanized ones, especially, I usually try to pick them up because I think they’re really pretty, and I always find a use for him eventually. So anyway, that is it for today’s video. I hope you enjoyed it. It was just a fun project to put together. So thank you guys so much for watching this video and we will see you in the next one. Bye !