Cactus Corking | Natural Corking On Cacti & Succulent Plants And What Causes It

Desert Plants of Avalon

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Natural Corking On Cacti & Succulent Plants And What Causes It


Hi, guys, it’s. Lin, hey, I hope Emma’s having a fantastic day or evening. Now this videos from this short video to tell you what to look out for with natural, caulking us on plants on cacti, succulent plants. Now you can have a core penis on especially on cacti, because as you can see here, it doesn’t look the most prettiest. But it’s often caused from just the environment and sometimes the cold temperatures and the warmer temperatures and it just causes like a natural scab in over the plug that happens with age now the reason. I’m doing this video is because of had a few people 70 comas that saying that their plants have a brown at the bottom and it’s not as long as it’s not soft and squishy. Then it’s nothing to worry about, and a lot of people will panic and think. Oh, my gosh, it’s rotting and obviously as with anything if it’s brown and squashy at the bottom, then the chances are it’s rust, and you have to do an emergency operation on your plants if there’s any chance to save and it’s, but in this case, this is a different thing. We’re going to show you some examples on mine. So if you have these on your your cacti succulents, you know, it’s nothing to worry about other than it just looking a bit unsightly. It’s not gonna hurt your plans now to show you this. This is my big trike. A serious grandiflora. Haha, what a name! It’s also called Flower Bud already, which is great spring just around the corner, obviously, and as you see here when I bought it, it was perfectly green. I’ve had this plant for. God knows how many years, possibly I’m possibly 20 years. I know, but what’s even was in my early twenties a long time ago, guys, and it has gone scabby over there and when I was new to cacti sickness. I used to worry if you can’t have God, it’s rotting at the first sign of anything, but I’ve come to accept now that anything like scarring over the plant is for black scabs as well isn’t nearly always harmless, And I gotta show you some other examples. Sometimes it’s just part of natural coconut as you can see here. This is my Parodia magnifica. And it’ll pups at the bottom of it, and this looks like it’s not the most prettiest thing. It’s got a curve like a concertina effect there, and with age, he’s just gone so like a hardcore penis and brown, and even if you sort of a bit new to cacti, you think it was rotting, but I can assure you. It’s been like this so many many years and it’s just part of the aging process as you can see. I’ve got the same there and one of my troika services there at the base. And I’ll show you this one. It also. That’s happening around the middle there. Sometimes it could be down to the fact that sometimes. I find my with mine. Anyway, it’s not that they’re kept too cold because cacti can take very, especially some of these plants can take very – temperatures, but unfortunately in Ireland as in the UK and some obviously many parts of the world, the humidity is often a lot higher than it would be some of the deserts and the high humidity and the cold temperatures often what can cause these scabbing acai family? My plants anyway to show you a few more examples. So just take you around. There’s another one here you see, this is a euphorbia. That’s got brown at the base again. Just natural talking us and let’s come on there also, and yep. Yeah, there’s my bigger puntilla. Look at that, that’s very Corky or guy. In there. Call that cancer. That’s core penis can sense. I’d be confused since as we scale insects, so don’t get the two mixed up guys scales. It’s completely different thing of this huge, like little round dots, but coconuts. Is you do all over the know? He’s one of my succulent plants here in my chrysalis. That’s also Corky there, and then I’m gonna take you around to my euphorbia OB. Sir, what a name visa and you can see. That’s got caulking to stand there naturally. That’s got some on there when they get damaged, they caught very easily. I’m gonna take you to some other ones. That don’t look very pretty, but it is harmless. Now this look at that, It doesn’t look an eyesore guys. This is my one of my truck. Azaleas, Copper Colas. And as you can see, it’s got just using how to be bio mental damage on there. It’s completely harmless and troika serious these type of cacti they do contain like a mescaline, which is actually a drug and not that. I’ve ever taken you to anything like that, but from what I’ve heard, a lot of people, take me fishing purposes and ponies due to down to the alkaloids in the skin that gives off a lot these black scabs when they get damaged, you can see it’s with a lot of my plants, And this is one of my big big plans here. Yeah, my pile. Oh, so serious as you see there. Big sky penis. All at the bottom shade alone for this big big plant. Now this actually, um. I got this actually from a guy in Dublin. Haha, and he’d had it since a child, and he used to keep it outside. In the summer he fell over the one time the wind knocked it over and it caused a lot of scab penis damage. That’s just damage, scab, but again harmless, just purely aesthetics, So that’s just what to look out for So guys. You know, if you panic, can you think? I my God, my plants I rot. It’s not always the case again. Always look out for things. If damaged, look softer, the base and squashing then it’s nearly always rot, and it’s just know what to look out for, but don’t be scared every time. There’s you laughter. The the round cacti. Did you see difficulty week in here? But just show you that also on there at the base, you can see one of my. Pharaoh capped eyes or brown at the bottom. It is completely normal for it to do that as he ages so don’t. Panic, guys, so there you go. I just want to give you a little bit of information about that. I don’t want to send you loads of love and turns a happiness and heaps and heaps of happy growing as always from Ireland and it’s your the next video by.