Cactus Bulb | Cactus And Succulents Under Growlight Vs. Natural Sunlight Vs. Regular Light 🌞

Aldous Kenneth Ligutan

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Cactus And Succulents Under Growlight Vs. Natural Sunlight Vs. Regular Light 🌞


Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel. So for this episode. It’s really really interesting for me because I will show you how to take care of the plants. So when you mimic the nature, you have to consider the water. Also, we have to consider environment, and, most importantly, the sunlight, but here in the Philippines, sun is not showing that much, so it’s really a rainy season here in the Philippines now and it’s dying season for my succulents because they have been receiving too much rain water nowadays, so I have to move them indoors now, really indoors. So what do I need? Yeah, yay, the indoor plugs. No, I really need the indoor grow lights. So without further ado, I have to introduce to you. Something and this is really important for us. Plant enthusiasts. So I have to show you this one. Yeah, so this packaging came from my mice. Mars Hydro led grow lights. So this is the SP 150 They have shipped this for me to do a little unboxing for them, so I think it’s really really timely for us here in the Philippines to have these kinds of grow lights. I think my succulents will be happy Hearing me that I’m vlogging about this now. So let’s go and do a little unboxing for this one, okay, guys? I hope you appreciate that little asmr. I did a while back, so here’s. What it looks inside so here you go. Here’s the user manual. Here’s the user manual details, the assembly instructions and other group tips. So I think it’s really helpful, so don’t. Throw this away! Okay, that’s pretty interesting now next. We have a little artsy. Um, stickers from the Mars hiding so next would be the rope crutches, so I think this SP 150 lead is really hangable because base from its weight does not wait that much, so I think it’s really commendable having this one, especially if you have really small space in your homes or in your condominiums, so I think this is pretty fit for my room because I don’t have that much space and grouping with this grew light would really be helpful. So thank you again, so I think there’s the hanger and the rope practice. Now look at this one. This product is packaged with real wood, so let’s comment the packaging of this product. Um, this would maintain the quality of our product even while it’s being shipped, so there’s no damage or no destruction. That has happened to any of the items inside this box. So see. Wow, wow, wow, here’s. The girl like, and I think it’s different and it’s better in quality than those ones. I found online, so I have to go near in order to show you that these diodes are really interesting because I think it’s really coated to make it water resistant, if not waterproof. So here you go, guys, here’s. The Mars Hydro SP 150 lead and it does not pay a ton. I think it’s really lightweight, so it’s good so again. This is the Mars Hydro SP 150 and I ill. Put the link on the description box below. Also, I put my discount code. Which gives you a discount when you have, or when you thought of buying this one, its grow light will really really help and better quality, sturdier material, good root crutches, it’s hangable. It’s really lightweight. Um, they also gave us that manual, giving the drew tips and assembly instructions. That would really be helpful for all of us. Plant enthusiasts. So don’t worry, guys, I’ll make a video a growing video on how this product works on our succulents, and I hope our succulents would love it, especially with our weather here in the Philippines. So nothing beats the impact that natural sunlight has on majority of our succulents, and that’s a fact plant will thrive most in ideal and natural conditions, not only when it comes to sunlight, but also when it comes to the warmth, the water level and the ph level of our soil, so I know that not all climates and not all environments around the world will support that natural and ideal conditions, so thankfully we have now the technology to support the growth of our succulents and with that technology comes the grow light, so we have five interesting topics to discuss to you about grow lights. So number one would be the optimal time when the grow lights will be turned on, turned on number Two would be the distance of the grow light from the succulent’s number. Three would be the difference of the grew light with the regular lights with the regular led lights, and, of course, with the natural light and number four would be the advantages of fusing grow lights and number five, of course, when we discuss advantages, we will also discuss the disadvantages because we will be transparent here, so with regards to the first question, which is the optimal time that our grow lights are supposed to be turned on, my answer would be. This depends on the type of the plant. So most plants do need 6 to 16 hours that would include the lettuce other outdoor plants, but seems our indoor plants really do not need that much specifically, the succulents, which can thrive in just morning light. I turned them on with just one to four hours, so it’s like them having just the morning light. So I hope that as we go along trying those grow lights, we can find what is the best, or what is the optimal time that our grow lights are supposed to be turned on so yeah. Okay, for the second question or the second topic, which is with regards to the distance of the grow light or succulents. Most answer from the internet would be 24 to 36 inches. But I don’t do that. I am really fond of doing experiments, so whenever I have some grow light, I try to experiment the plants, so I draw them nearer to the grow light, or I throw them farther Their grow light, depending on some factors. And here’s why okay for the third topic, which is the difference of the grow light with the regular light and with the natural light here is the full ex spectrum of the natural light. This is the spectrum that we are trying to mimic, so you can see the intensity and the weight length, so take note of that. So here’s the full spectrum of the regular light see, and here’s a full spectrum of the grow light, so lets. Compare the tree. So you can notice that when trying to mimic the natural light grow, light could reach the same level of wavelength and intensity with the natural light, and you can never rely on the regular. light for our fourth topic, which is the main advantage of using grow light, is that everything depends on us with the intensity of light or with the amount of time or amount of light. We can give our supplements or our plants and this depends on us. This depends on our discipline, so we can monitor and keep an eye on its intensity while with the sunlight, it’s not an option, so some plants grow well next to a window, while some of them need special and monitored condition and grew lights can help us with that. Of course we are trying to be transparent here. So far, fifth topic would be the main disadvantage of using grow light so grow light emits ultraviolet light, which is really not good for our skin. So whenever we are trying to switch on our grow, lights make sure that the plants aren’t there and not us so we are trying to avoid the light so for me. Whenever I have my crew light, I move my working station away from where my succulents are for me to glue away with the light emitted by the grow light, having said all that let us not forget the impact and the benefit that the natural sunlight has on our plants Try exposing your plants or your soft lands to both direct and indirect natural sunlight as frequently as possible, and for all those times that the sunlight or the natural sunlight is missing grow, lights will have our back and can adequately take care of our plants, And that’s all guys, and I hope you learned a lot about this episode. Don’t forget to hit that, like and subscribe button till next time bye.