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My Cacti & Succulent Plant Book Collection


Hi guys, it’s! Lynne, here, an amazing day now this video. I’m gonna be showing you my cat, tiny, succulent book collection! Hi, guys! I’ve got a lot of books now. The idea for this video came about by me. My wonderful partner hands. We were talking about our cacti collection books, and we said, wouldn’t it be great to do a video and show up a book collection? Now some of you may be familiar. Hands already. I did, it’d be jolly on him a few weeks ago when he sent me some lovely gifts, and I’m very pleased to say that since then we’re actually together now as a couple and he’s my a partner, so I’m very, very pleased. I’m very happy by that and please check him out, guys. I’ll put the links up above Timmy’s video. Viktor, hands is done on his lovely book collection. So please do go and watch it. And I gotta talk to you about it by now. I have a lot of books. I must have about probably about thirty five all together and all many, many different types of books from many many years, some modern ones and some very old ones and what I’m going to do. Now He’s overlaying my have some video clips of all the books, so you can see what? I’ve got because there’s so many for me to go through the boil and show the warnings of mutually obviously a long long video. But basically, if you love these, I want to point out with books. Is that obviously over the years cacti names change all the time, so youll. Get a book and you look at it, you go oh! I know what that cactus is now. We know you’re identifying it, and then you’ll find that a few years later. The name will completely change again and it drove me back mad for yours. They kept changing over all the names in the different Genesis. So, um, that’s something to watch out for another thing. The books as well. I’d be caught out over the years. He’s I bought a cacti book years before, and then I’ll go look in my eyes or the gardening book sections, and I see another book, and I look at the cover and I think I don’t. I haven’t seen that one. I haven’t seen that book. And, of course I haven’t opened the book of and looked any property. I’ve just got that excited. I have to buy that book and I’ve just bought it. Got it home and I found a ready, got it. Because the cover is completely grunts. After a few years, they often update books and they change the covers off and they look entirely different. So that’s something to watch out for, but some out of all that all the books. I think they’ve been a godsend. I know today everything seems to be done on the Internet. You know, books had you sort of forgotten about narrowed. What just looks everything up online? But I found the arm school. I love to sit down with a lovely good cactus book and go through and read E and I’ve learned a lot a lot over the Earth’s pond that it’s not the same to seen on the internet and looking at Cactus names. You can’t be a good book and obviously because there’s so many. I’m just going to show you my tomb to ultimate baby books out of all of them. They all have a lot of different points in them. Some of them are really, really old. Some of these books and some of them are sort of more modern, But if I had to choose just to, and I say two because they’re joined at my very, very best. It would be the Illustrated encyclopedia of Succulents and Cacti by Gordon Marilee. Which is this book here? And this is like a Bible. It’s absolutely brilliant. There’s so many tips in there and it’s to me out of all of them. I finally and also these other book as well, it’s not the most popular cacti and succulents. It’s called by going to Anderson, and this is a really really good book because it’s got all things like the pH of water in there and everything like that that you don’t see none that be said about that with another books. You just find that it’s gone about different types of cacti, but pH of water and everything like that is easy important, guys, and I just wanted to share with you as you can see. There is a lot and I’m happy because hands has actually got deeper books to me Other than the one, which is my psychoactive cacti book, this one, the OT of psychoactive cacti. We have the same book bear, but of the map, we’ve got all different ones, so these are a lot of books and a lot of reason. And how do you do that guys? So do you know what books? And you have you? The books you eat orchids or I mean, anything like that. Please share what books you have in your collection. And we maybe can’t be too good up or Kaha. So I said you know, you love heaps. Our happiness and tons of tons are happy growing as always from islands and until the next video guy’s bye !