Bonsai Cactus | Succulent Bonsai Tour!!! – June 2017

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Succulent Bonsai Tour!!! - June 2017


Howdy, everyone so today, if you’ll notice. I’m surrounded by succulents, a little bit different than what I normally work on, but these are all sort of bone side, and I believe you could go inside succulents, because they’re you’re totally able to create branch structure and do all the same things, which you can with other types of plants with with many types of succulents. So I just want to kind of give you a tour of some of the plants that I have some of the succulents, and yeah, I kind of tell you about each one and see if you like them. And if you do, give them a try for yourself. Join me so this first plant. I want to show. You is commonly called a golem, Jade. I’ve also seen it called Hobbit Jade Hobbit plant, Which is funny because Gollum was a hobbit and then the ring turned him into Gollum, but anyway, and I’ve also seen it called a trumpet. Jade or trumpet succulent, Got a lot of calm, a lot of common names, but anyway, this one I got, I can’t remember, forgot them at the same time, but this one I think was in my very first video and it’s got really nice structure definitely needs to be repotted in the same pot for a couple years now, but I’ve been really done much with it. It’s just through the falling off of branches, developed some really nice curvature and redirection and all the branches, which I’m really liking this big one is awesome, haven’t really done much with it. Either also can probably use a repotting also can probably use a repotting. But yeah, just really cool tree structure and really liking this guy, so these guys both look really good for really no effort from me super easy. If you want to get something that looks like a nice tree without much work, so this guy is really cool. This is a commonly called an elephant bush, another type of very common succulent. Sometimes they call it like mini. Jade, but I don’t think it’s actually it’s really a jade plant, but it is sometimes called that, but I’ve seen most commonly elephant Bush, but I can’t remember that the scientific name. I’m not a not as big on succulents, but cool story about this guy. I was at a garage sale and I think I talked about this before. Maybe in another video, and I forgive me if I have. But this is the garage sale one where there’s a yard sale, but that everything must go, so I saw a huge Bush and I said. Hey, you said everything must go. Can I take some cuttings from that and ladies like us or so? I cut some off, put it in this and I had a big rock right here. Keeping it supported and then several months later removed the rock. And now it’s got a nice, stronger system growing in here, and I’ve been pruning it quite a bit over the last year and well, every couple months, all kind of printed back, so I’m really trying to promote ramification and and stuff, so I’m probably going to cut some bigger branches off. Now that it’s getting more foliage. I’m going to cut some. Make some bigger changes, bigger branches and start really trying to develop this into a nice treat. I think it’s off to a really nice start. I love the angle trunk. And I feel like it’s got a lot of potential so here. We have two more elephant bushes. These guys are both from cuttings. That’s what’s so cool about succulents, E2J. You can just keep cutting and planting and cutting and planting and and keep developing more and more plants out of an original plant, which is really cool, so these are most likely from the one. I just showed you if not from a different one that I have a couple bigger sized ones. But yeah, you can see this one’s already developing some branch structure. This guy just a couple weeks ago had one little root that was that was kind of growing off the side of it like. I’m talking like this long like a couple millimeters. Maybe a centimeter at the most. Probably swallowing that. I stuck it in here now. It’s already getting pretty stable. If you see them tapping, it’s not really moving much. This guy doesn’t really have much going on yet, but the thing is, they look really pretty cool. Even they’re stuck in the ground, but as the roots develop and as they start as I start pruning, they’ll start budding off these guys butt off really well from where cut it, they’ll usually but cut off to two new sets of leaves forever. You will collect every place that you cut it so really cool, and this is a cheap little. Mame pot. This is a pot. I made from oven oven hardened clay that you can buy it like Michael’s so fun little thing to do. If you’re bored watching a movie or something, enter well. If you’re bored, watching movies in the movies call, it’s probably not really good, but if you’re not bored, well, if you are bored, you can make one of these. Just you just shape it by hand. I drew some little ugly patterns in it. And then you just oven oven harden it and you can use it as a pot, so your two more elephant Bush beginning bone size. Alright, so these guys are awesome. I showed one of these. I think maybe this one or this one. I don’t know, I think I showed one of these in kind of a beginning of the Year video that I did several months ago. And I can’t remember what these are called. Some kind of succulent that a lot of succulents make really cool kind of flower looking patterns with their leaves, even though their leaves rather rather than actual petals. But these are both really cool. This is a pot, an awesome pot. My wife got me for Christmas. I think that just felt like it’d. Look, really cool. It’s nice and frame. They look really cool with kind of this arching sort of hanging over the side. Look with with the plant and and these plants develop a lot of aerial roots, which end up looking really cool as they come down and go to the soil, yeah? I really like how this preservation final version of it. Both of the flowers are sort of or leaves are facing a different direction. So see, they’re both more facing that way. So that’s why I can play them. I look like two bookends or two book book holders. And, yeah, so this guy, I put a rock under here like I. I often do just to support the the trunk as the roots are developing, But he’s already pretty strong if I were to move the rock. He probably hold himself up he or she. How know it is, but yeah, same thing developing some aerial roots, but I’m not necessarily trying to get the aerial root aerial roots to form. I loved it and had some bigger base roots on both of. Oh, yeah, these are both really cool, easy to do it and give it a really cool look again, like all succulents, very easy to take care of pretty forgiving in terms of not watering, so they’ve forgiven me many times, okay, and, Lastly, for sort of a little bonus round. Got this really cool, succulent that I got in Morro Bay a couple years ago. I Kara member the name and I think it was called like leopard, succulent or something, But it’s more of like a bulb like a bulb of bass, so I think it’s still a succulent. I mean, these guys are so hard. He ever ripped some of these bulbs out, stuck them in another pot, and they just start sprouting again now. I know this is like probably the most unbelievable group, but what’s cool about these is I was. I was at the Huntington Library and Gardens a couple months ago with some friends and in their bone size section, which is incredible, they have, like sort of a small showing size section or mommy section or just small bone size, and this was in one of the pots, and it was acted as a great accent piece to the rest of the trees. So I’m probably gonna do a video where I do that because well, oftentimes. When bone size are displayed, they’ll have an accent. Piece sometimes called Cusimano, which is basically just another plant to make Sometimes its grasses or little flowers in a pot that that accent that overall tree so. I think this guy worked really well as that. So probably do a video where I’m putting it into a bonsai pot Just to give a great Cusumano. Look, so hope you enjoy this, and I’ll do some close-ups of this guy to really cool plant easy to maintain also very forgiving like all the rest of them, and it looks really cool. It’s got really cool patterns on the leaves. Okay well. I hope you enjoyed this quick. Little tour of some of my succulent phone-sized really easy to do really fun, pretty quick, pretty results and yeah, comment any questions down below, If you know like what species this is feel free to comment below and or this one or just whatever. Just leave your thoughts comments on them in the comment section and see you next time .