Blue Torch Cactus | Mini Fairy Desertscape Cactus Planter! Blue Torch Cactus! San Pedro Cactus?

Tropical Plant Party

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Mini Fairy Desertscape Cactus Planter! Blue Torch Cactus! San Pedro Cactus?


What’s up, garden friends? If your drop the plant party, how’s everybody doing? I hope you’re good. I’m great! I need to pot up some cactus now. I have tons of cactus and succulents over on my shelf, and I actually need to make room on that shelf to start getting seeds and cuttings growing, so my original plan with all of these cactus and things that have been kind of warding and stocking up on. I wanted to do a really big desert scape in a pot, but that has to wait. It’s not time yet. I’ll be doing that in the spring or summer when it’s warm enough that I can have these outside. I don’t have space in here for a giant planter like that. Nor do I in my house, so I’m going to go ahead and just quickly toss together. This planter real quick. I’m putting a whole bunch of cactus in it. I don’t necessarily have a theme in mind. Unfortunately, originally, this head, Amaryllis and Narcissus paperwhites in it And I had all of these really lovely, blue amazonite stones, covering the top that made sense sneaks. It was winter time and boilers like ice and whatnot, but this pot kind of earthy modern. I may not do that. I’m just gonna kind of play around. Sit and see what happens. I may not even use. These actually would like to put a crass. Allah in here. So I should probably go grab that if I’m gonna use it there. We go, that’s better. I also have this guy right here. I don’t know if this is a halwa. Soria, or maybe some type of aloe. It’s pot disappeared. If you watch me in my videos several vlogs ago. I had a huge tray of plants that fell. Its pot, got washed and all the chaos so good. I don’t know, but it has a nice rosette shape to it. These are both very forgiving plants. There will not be any etch of areas in here, you know? I typically like having a lot of edge of areas and my planters, but there’s just not much light in my house for them, so I’m just gonna stick with the cactus. They can tolerate the low light a little bit better actually than the echeverria skin, at least for short periods of time. I should say edge of areas respond very quickly to low light. They take off. Anatole, very fast. So this is a cactus and palm potting mix that I mixed with an orchid Blend. That was mostly just bark and charcoal so and there’s some debris that’s gotten in here, that’s okay, but it’s a really nice mix that doesn’t hold very much, so that is more ideal for why. I live since this will be outside part of the year. I need it to drain very, very, very quickly. I don’t want it to hold a lot of moisture because we get a fair amount of rain here. So you know, these guys are gonna get rained on. I don’t want them to rot. So that’s the mix I’m using, and I’m going to start with the tallest plant first, which you actually can’t even see here. It’s not on the table there it is, it is not an air place, that’s for sure. I if I had to guess I would say this is the San Pedro Cactus. But I can’t say for sure since it doesn’t have a label. One thing I know, though, is that getting this to stand up on its own is going to be kind of tricky and it will outgrow this pot. It’s not gonna stay in this pot forever. That’s for sure broke fairly quickly, So I think the first thing I sure was sure. I had to get this guy to stand up in here. What, I think that this actually may hold up on? It’s own just fine, but we will see. I’m probably speaking too soon on that one so now. I’ve got my big guy in there and I’m gonna start filling around. I have a lot of cactus. That are these ball-type. I don’t want too many balls in here. I’m gonna try and mix things up as much as possible. I’m gonna see if I can dig up some kind of earthy organic decoration to put in here too, but that’ll probably be a finishing touch. I’m gonna dig round. See what I have? Oh, and I did forget to mention that. There is a teeny tiny amount of tomato fertilizer in here, Just a little bit, so I dug this guy up. This is a piece of fake driftwood. I prefer fake for anything with kicks. Some succulents not gonna retain moisture so that way, if the cactus or succulent is planted alongside it, you don’t really have to word that moisture rubbing off on and potentially rotting it. This might work so it might be a bit large for this, see? I could lay it like this. Maybe I can put it around this help. Hold it up! Not that looks dumb. Could do a little bit of no. I’m not gonna do that. I stick it upside down. It looks like an old like desert shrub. It’s kind of cool. No, it’s like some kind of monster. That’s coming to eat you, yeah? I don’t know, I’m gonna messing with us. I think I like that. That looks like an old desert shrub. A little dead piece of, you know, desert trick. What am I saying, and I think the crass all will look really good behind that and some small ball cactus right next to it. That’s gonna be pretty. The question is really can. I get enough oil out of here to get the crash lot in there without knocking the cactus over. I think this is in focus. See if I can’t work this down in there without disrupting too much there we go, that should do, yeah. I like that. I like the contrast and the textures having something smaller in front. That’s gonna look nice and you dig another spot out here for the balls. What are those, go of it? There’s a little golden ball. Cactus cannot pronounce that name. Oh, it’s not a cactus, let it! I’ll do that later, All right, I’m gonna just try and squeeze our tiny little balls in here if I can all done. I think it looks pretty good. I guess I shouldn’t say all done. I still need to top dress it. I like to have a layer of gravel and any pot any planter. I’m doing that has cactus and succulents because that helps keep the moisture from the dirt being in contact with the sides of the plant. I did toss some of the blue guys in there. It really just it wasn’t looking quite right, although the color contrast was really pretty so. I’m just gonna use these river pebbles. I think that’ll be fine and like I said, I’m gonna be pulling this thing apart in a couple months anyways, when I do a really large-scale plant or so this will do now. I do have this piece of quartz here. It’s very sparkly, very earthy, and I actually think it would fit well in there so I might go ahead and try and set that in this. Yep, I like that, but I always tend to like anything. That’s sparkly and shiny, so that’s no surprise there. All right, now, Go ahead and toss some pebbles in here. Work them in around everything. And then we can talk about what I planted there we go. I like it working for me, so come on, talk about what’s in here in the back. This is a watch-chain plant also called Crassula. Lycopodium disease. Ill type it out and in the front, these are the Golden Ball cactus, which was a not a cactus. I think not a cactus being aussi. I’m going to type it out. I don’t know how to say it. That’s what these pretty guys are. I think those look really, really pretty. They had some dirt in there that need to brush out. They just look, they add a nice contrast to everything as well as this guy, which I like. I says, maybe an elbow or a challah thoria. I do not know, let me know I lost its label and if a plant doesn’t have a label and was like maybe a Adele or something obvious with cactus and Orchid, There are a lot of things look very similar. That are not the same thing is the same with this guy back here that I said is probably the San Pedro Cactus, but I don’t know for certain, so I’m not gonna say that’s what it is. Be the way I know that it’s going to be big, and it’s not gonna last in here for very long, but doesn’t matter. I’m taking this apart soon anyway, then in the back, that is a pile of serious mysterious. I believe what me ought, yep. I love serious serious. Those are really cool that azureu’s that part of the name. Lets, you know, blue lasers, age or flu, so the more some these get these they should blow up and really stand out in the background, yeah? I’m happy with how this came out, considering all I did was toss it together and I didn’t put much thought into it and I’m gonna be excited to take it apart too. They’re gonna do better pot it up like this than they warn those little nursery cans from Home Depot, Which is where most of these came from, so I’ll put them inside, theyll. Get more natural light through the windows, the windows that they’re in or garden windows, and they’re fairly cool right now, which is another reason. I didn’t want the edge of areas in here. The cactus and all of these things should be fine as long as you know. I don’t have them sopping wet all the time. I think that piece of driftwood came out looking good in there, too. A giant chunk of sparkly stuff. I mean, I like it. I have a lot of other people won’t, but that’s alright. It’s fun and I do plan on getting those paper flowers off the cactus at some point. Hey, that’s gonna do it. That’s enough rambling and whatnot hope. Everybody enjoyed the video and I hope yall are doing. Well, don’t forget to leave a thumbs up. It helps the videos a lot. I really appreciate every single one of them. Subscribe as we’ll upload multiple times a week. I’ll put my social media stuff down below. Follow me! I’ll call you back. We can look at each other’s point pictures and have fun nerdy plate time together like I said before comment down below. I love talking to yall. Let me know what you guys got going on to your cactus and succulents, any fun arrangements that you’re excited to do, right, and as always, everybody keep on growing .