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Blue Spruce Sedum-a Profitable Plant


So today I want to talk about this. Plant called blue spruce sedum. It sort of looks like a blue spruce, and it’s obviously also a seed and type plant, so that’s where their name comes from, but today. I’d like to talk about how easy it is to propagate these things and how you can sell. These Things is with my experience over probably six years been selling these things since I was very young and yeah, these things. Oh, a good seller. He saw these things cheap, but sell lots of them. They’re very easy to propagate and grow. So you know, as you can see. These are just covering this wall. They’re also very attractive and catch people’s eyes when they’re in bloom. Obviously, these flowers have gone now, but I’ll put some pictures up on screen if I can’t find some. If these went in flower, they’re the very good lots of bees go to them, so that’s another selling point. If you like, customers know about this plan, if you selling these, you know, you’re going to sell an awful lot of these. They might need some maintenance early. Just a little bit, you know, Woody Stones And especially if they’re growing over rocks and that you just want fresh growth. Obviously, this is winter now, and it’s not as you know growth if you know. I mean, there’s not as many new shoots, but you know the they are still quite good. And, Oh, excellent ground cover. So, yeah, these things can grow very well. In drought conditions, people said they need full Sun. But you can grow them in shade anyway. I’ll see you later. Some wind shade. They probably won’t flower in shade, but they still will cover the ground. Well in shade, so you know? I wish you had to propagate these things. So what you want to do is find anything like this sometimes. If you’ve got one line on the ground. Yeah, we’ll have like little roots already coming out out of it. So that’s good as well. So just break it off. You know that simple break break two or three off like that, what I like to do? Just make them a little bit shorter. Just scrape some of these off, so these like needle fingers off. They’re not really needles, but leaves needle shaped leaves. So yeah, just get to like that, so I got to do now is just get a part in some compost and just put them straight in, so I’ve got a little pot here quite a small one. This is what I use normally to sell them in, so just fill it always on multi-purpose compost, and I think really just get that tough it down a bit, just literally get these line them down a little bit and then press them in. You can put them in straight down. If you want whatever, just fill them up a little bit. And that’s it. Just water in. Wait about three weeks for them to grow just to fill the pot a little bit. If you’ve got a bigger part, you can put a few in there and then they’ll cover that entire pot, and then you know, you can sell them for a bit more, but I normally sell these for about 50 P. So let me show you some. I did a few days ago and how they do, em. So even though it is winter time. I’m still putting these up for something to do and they still will grow. I’ve covered easing some grit as you can see no, very good, so they’re looking absolutely fine. Just keep them. You know, a little bit on the dry side, if you want once they’ve rooted. But yeah, just miss them if you want because that will make the root hairs come. I’ll also show you some others that I planted off about our week ago as well. So these are some more you can see. These ones are grown a little bit already, even though it is winter, so there’s some. I did in a previous video and I also planted some with a little Primrose in the middle. You know, the Primrose was quite small in a big pot, so I’ve just put them around it. And once that primroses flowering, you’ve got this nice little blue plants growing around them as well that will sell for about 3 pounds, so it’s amazing how much you can get for such little work. These are just a great plant to grow so here. We have another type of seed. Oh, this one is like a green. We can also get it in purple as well. So yeah, it also does look quite nice for these sort of died back stems in the frosty, so I do look quite nice in the defrost as well as you can see any sort of sprout from the button here. So once the English shoots also about a good few inches few inches high about, you know, a lot about the size of this one here, you just pull it. Twist it out. A little bit might cover some roots so that it’s better if it does and just put it in a pot and as you can see, then the next year it starts to sprout. And then you can sell this for about five pounds, so that’s a little bit of good seed and to make something easy money off and from from that in about three years, you can get something bigger than this, so this has been here for about two years now. This is on to its third. So you know, they’re going to be the third year shoots, so yeah, it gets bigger every year. Keep taking cuttings. You can make some more money off this type of sedum as well. So these ones are under quite a large oak tree. It shades them off quite a bit, so they don’t get that much sunlight, but as you can see, they’ve grown over these rocks quite nicely and spread quite fine and the matter of two years about two years ago, put something in the ground, stuck it straight on the surface, rooted something about that big and in two years, it has grown quite a bit. There’s quite a few leaves on there at the moment as you can see, it’s filled up quite nicely. Surprisingly, it has still flowered under the shade. So you know, these things don’t need that water. Sun would benefit from some. But you know, they can pretty much grow anywhere, so yeah. These things are definitely good for potting up and selling as well or just dividing them for yourself very easy to grow, so I would definitely recommend to put some up and yeah, that’s about it for this video. Remember to click? Subscribe with medications on. If you’re new around here, we do videos like these videos on what I’m planting and tips and tricks and we’re also starting to grow quite a few trees this year. So that’s going to be quite exciting to see what’s going on. So yeah, click subscribe. If you haven’t already drop a like and be sure to leave a comment down below so yet definitely get potting up some of these and make some money from them and see how nice yours grow and apart from that. I guess I’ll see you guys all in the next one. Bye bye, everybody.