Blue Haze Succulent | Outside Succulents Update (echeveria/ Graptopetalum/ Moonstones Etc)


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Outside Succulents Update (echeveria/ Graptopetalum/ Moonstones Etc)


Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the channel. This is a bit of an update on some of my plants are outside the front so first up. This is a part of sedum comic. Tom that I’ve just taken some cuttings off next up. We’ve got a great battle and bellum, which was grown from leaf. And here’s some more sedum. Rupert inked him our jelly bean plants that were grown from leaf, and here’s a nice large rebooting tongue! That was actually grown in us like the different soil Mix to all my others, and it seems to look really good for it. So I’ll be burying, though my next year. This is a grudge bet on Blackberry, quite a slow growing plant but quite rare. This is a low. Delta lights. And here we have got Tibetan Paraguay and see Bernoulli’s. I think, and this is a a very Q marble, which is really nice with the kind of pinky purple mottling all over the the leaves, and here we have to Graz, Patton, Paraguay and see I’m a big fan of this one. It’s it’s kind of the chameleon of the succulent world, cuz it changes colors a lot depending on the conditions. This is sedum dust, Phelim opaline and a part of sedum Stolley that I’ve just taken some cuttings from as they were getting a bit tall and then in here, we have a it’s very black prince and a grandpa. Tom, superb. Um, and this is a burial Isla. Cena, I grew from leaf this year and this is quite badly Snail damaged Da Spellin opaline and then next up. We have some flowers if any of you can look at those and tell me what the plant is. I really appreciate that because I’m still none the wiser and then behind there, we’ve got a crash. Allah, almost sunset. That’s growing from leaf, and this is the plant mint, the flowers. I’m just not sure what the ideas it’s got to pops one on either side and next up is a pot of or one of my pops. I’ve got spots on me. Renee, this is just started to recover from being snail damaged. The other sides worse, but there we go and this is a sedum golden seed. I’m a sedum Adal fee and the pots far too small for it, so it’s kind of just stopped growing, but I’ll sort that out soon, and here’s another sedum Adolphe II, which is much more compact. A really nice plant. This is a sedum. Trilly CI. Theory, the best would quite a lot of Sun on them. Develop a lot tinges now. This one is a grabs of seed and bronze, and as you can see, the top is missing. And what happened here was a slug or a snail ain’t the grown Center and then he started to rock back, so I had to chop the top off. But luckily, I’ve got got these pops around the bottom. This is a crash! Elohim old sunset A very stressed out one, but it looks great, very vivid colors. And here we have sedum Morgan Yanam or the burrow’s tail sedum, and then this is Echeverria AG avoid ease and not sure which one exactly, but it’s nice. This is an edge of area marina, which I’m really start to like the colors, have changed because we’ve had some very cold weather lately, like some nights have been down to 4 degrees Celsius, which is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It really brings out the colors. This is a cherry block prints against nailed them, which I’m not totally sure, But this is actuary, Doctress of Nuremberg very similar to the Pearl Vandenberg. But there are differences and I actually prefer this one. I think I got more of a darker tone to it and more snail damage there on the 2 little actuary Cromoz that I grew from leaf in spring. I think and this is a really beautiful plant. This is an actuary. Neon breakers. It’s my only ruffled edge edge barrier and it’s got a little pop at the back, but great colors on it and a really nice planned here. We have an entire black knight or dark knight and an actuary Chroma, and I actually talked to leaves off this when I first got it, and that’s where the other two chromers came from. Now This one’s been really badly damaged by slugs or snails, but it’s an actuary. Paris Palace. It’s got a great kind of our terminal color. That seems to have come out more as the as the temperatures have dropped. Really nice. This is a grout to variate. Itchy buns, it’s! Hudson water. That’s sat in the middle of the rosette, which caused some stains because we’ve had cold weather and not a lot of Sun. It’s not evaporated off and it’s marked And this is great about some Paraguayan sea. Bernoulli’s again. It was in flower recently, but I didn’t get chance to film that I don’t think and the next thought this is a grudge button Claret, which doesn’t seem to be very happy at the moment. Maybe it’s a cold weather, but it’s shedding quite a lot. The lover leaves so. I’ll have to deal with that soon. But it was starting to produce a flower Spike. You maybe I’ll see there. In the center of the rosette think, so we’ve got an a a very prolific a which, as you can see all these tendrils, I’ve got new pops on the end. And since filming this, I’ve actually chopped those off and stuck them in a pot to reroute or to route. And so this is great spaetzle. Oh, sorry, no, it’s nice, it’s very. Appel von N├╝rnberg. And they’re really really rootbound, so they’ve kind of just stopped growing now, but I’ll be separating these out. Great colors are next. We have an a multi-headed and Jabari. Oh, Chrissy and Ryan. And here is another part of grabs. Button me! Renee, now you can probably see that stem. It’s missing at the top from up, and there was very similar to the graph to see, damn. It was eaten by something and it just started to rot back, so I had to chop that top it off. This is a very Christian. Ryan, a next thought. This is a actuaries are a Gozer, but this one’s been quite badly Damaged in the center. Bio mealy bugs and the I’ve only had two meanly books this year, like, literally just to individual mean. The ones one was in the center of this plan and one was on a homeless onset, but luckily. I caught it quite early. So this is I think on this pack. You fight a mobile phone for a while. I think this might be Pakka. Fightin Bracht ozium. But we’ll just call it a moonstone. Still for convenience. It’s a really really great plan. It seems to have colored up a lot since the cold Weathers come along. Next up is a panda ears or Cullen. Corey Tom. Antos er, only had these cheap, nasty little parts lying around, but I’ve just repotted it into it because it was desperately rootbound. In fact, most of these plants are, and I’ll have to saw that soon. I just don’t had chance to get parts. So that was neoneun Kiwi that had a little pop developing near the rosette near some to the rosette. This is an aloe pel? Guri, I think with nice red spikes on it and you may remember the last time you saw this. It was inside and it was actually completely green and as you can see a short time outside in the Sun and its turn like this nice, bronzy, silvery blue color, this one. I think he’s an actuary. Elmo, you know, but I’m not sure it’s very dehydrated. I think so here we have simplified them of some form. I’m not sure I’m rubbish for some perv. I’m sorry I will have to sit down one day and try and figure them out but actually had a big pot fall over and I couldn’t cram them all back in again, so I put put a lot of them in this in this container just to let them have a bit of space to grow. But do you think sempervirens tend to look the best when they’re cold? We just felt much deeper color. Now, this one. I think is a simple Ivan. Jove, are something beginning with J. I almost remember that, Lombard, And and then here we have a crested, simplify them. I think it’s the green one. And then this is a simple variant. Lord blood tip or something like our ivory tip? There we go now. These are just some plants that kind of accidentally sprung up like leaves fell into this big pop. And then this is what’s happened and obviously. I put the yellow black gem in there. So these are actually simplify them seeds that you remember they remember all my sempervirens that were in the flower this year well. I actually collected the seeds and just sprinkled them in this pot and they germinated very, very quickly. Indeed, so it’ll be interesting to see. What kind of hybrids are produced as a result of the crossing? That’s something that I’ve found really interesting. When growing plants is the ability to create hybrids definitely to do it more in the future. This is an aloe vera. It’s far too cold out there for it and also. I have to find somewhere for it and this is. I really badly Snail damaged Actuaries a tozer there. If I want to say if I’m going to have to find somewhere else and seek web, It’s now damaged on that one. This is Kalanchoe e tomentosa. And I’ve actually got a video coming up on this soon Because the root systems on them are massive. And then then we have a purple pearl and a pack of item compactor. Big fan of that plant. I look forward to seeing it. Grow and not sure what those two were the of the same variety that was in flower earlier. And then here we have a ball of some problems. You may realize that it looks a little bit different, and that’s because the whole bowl ended up falling over or someone knocked it over and they went everywhere, so I’ve recently had to kind of stick things back in different pots, but they’ll soon fill back in again. They’re quite quite prolific in terms of popping, hence the name hens and chicks, and here’s another ball. This was one that was outside the back actually, and I just decided to bring out the front as there’s a little bit more Sun, and you may see that there was a bit of a gap and that was where the big flower stem came out of and actually pulled that out and they’ll soon fill that back in again and there’s a couple of sedum dotted around in there. That kind of cramped in, But I really hope you’ve enjoyed that video. Thank you for watching. Give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you’re not already and I’ll see you in the next video.