Blue Cactus Plant | Plant Haul & Popular Indoor Succulents Haul | Plant Shopping At California Cactus Center

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Plant Haul & Popular Indoor Succulents Haul | Plant Shopping At California Cactus Center


In case you can tell this episode is not high tide. We are at this amazing, amazing, amazing Cactus store. It’s called California Texas Centers, it’s in East Pasadena, which is like 13 14 minutes away from where I live. It’s my first time here, and I am so so excited some of you. If you follow me on Instagram, you knew that I just woke up one day and decided I’m crazy over cacti so here I am so my channel so far has been focusing a lot of tropical plants. I’m beautiful, washed foliage, but I hope you guys can keep an open mind and share some love for these spiky babies. What do I know about cactus pretty much nothing, but I still, you know, use my very limited knowledge. Try to explain to you. What this is what that is and give you like usual? I’ll talk about the prices, but please, please don’t give me a hard time about things. That’s that rum or or things. I don’t know, because I really don’t know anything, but this is a beautiful place. I still want to take you guys on a tour. We have some beautiful gavi’s here and, of course. I think this is a Mexican fencepost. I love this guy. It just a line is so clean. I don’t know, just the whole shape of it. It’s no wonder why they call it A Mexican fence post. Because, you know, they just look like senses. When you put them up together, they can grow. I think they can grow like 20 feet tall, so they literally use it as fences, which is really cool. It’s kind of cute. That’s probably like a good size for an apartment. I think I can handle that size. We have a dog so I can’t get a huge one. I could probably get one like, and put it on our table or something because quickly. Blinky parrots are flowering. It’s so beautiful, two flowers of different colors. There’s a mountain of fire stick. Texas, I think okay, what fire stake ! It blows my mind to know that this giant lives in a pot after all is a freaking hot. It’s gorgeous, what’s? All you think this is three of you? This is 20 feet. Euphorbia is definitely one of my favorite. Euphorbia isn’t cactus it. The closest relatives are poinsettia. I know it’s crazy, but it’s so cute. They’re very much like cactus. There’s spy and just give it away. They look different from characters, big ol wealth and other looking pictures online for this guy, and I can’t believe I can see it in person. This guy is called Blue Boy Cactus. So the cactus itself is like a blue grayish instead of like green. Oh, bonsai and I love the pink flower. I don’t know what it is. It’s electric. That’s a beautiful totem. That thing looks like a cucumber. This guy is a sign. Seo that fleurs CI crazy cutter, variegated emic, euphorbia candelabra, variegata. This guy is absolutely gorgeous. She has some small, potted ones over here. Ello ello hydrate. There are some Africa oak tree? These rock cuttings are $6.00 Each here are some cleanser for 60 95 This guy is Alo. It’s called Christmas, Karen. Because this thing looks like a little snake. This guy is Sanaa. Co clean, Yeah. It’s also called Canary Islands candy cane again. Don’t know the price for these guys. They they kind of look like a candy cane. I like that’s a euphorbia mama. Larry is very cutter. It’s also called Indian Corn cabbage. That does look like a little cool don’t. Don’t help me please. This guy’s at a 95 That is so cool that look exactly like a corn you like that. I think this guy is joined to Blue Sun to thank you for putting that sign out here. Please do not touch a pointiest freak. Leah Pear. So that guy looks so fuzzy and cute. You don’t want to know how it feels to be poked and I don’t either. These are all so prickly. Pears, it’s so cute! This guy is also euphorbia, see? I definitely am more into your phobia because everything I like I picked up our euphorbias. I think this guy is a copper King ladyfingers and these might be like white line. This is a golden star. We give it to mom. Yeah, so this guy’s spikes are copper color. So their copper keep lady finger. What a funny name so popular! These are the coral cactus. So basically, they were grafted. They they pick a basically a root stalk and cut it, so they put another type of practice. I think this is your phobia. They put a you cutting of your phobia and set it into this root stalk and tighten them together so in a couple month. I guess they will just grow together and that looked like a little fishtail. I’m so into like characters with weird shapes. I think this is a totem. Forgot this punky. I think this is also called lump. Oh, serious and these. Are you for the as well or fire Stick cactus you for be if they have this light play text when you break it or like you, cut it. The latex will come out and you don’t want to get the latex in your eyes or even on your scheme because they might cause cancer or you might kill you pads, so that’s why? I’ve been thinking, should I bring you for? Be a home or not be struggling, But if you keep it like at a safe spa it definitely you’re fine. That looks like, oh, my. This guy’s is 695 That is the cutest palm. I’ve ever seen this guy is so small, but I already look exactly like a palm tree. Isn’t it? 695 is gonna be perfect for if you want to build a cactus garden. Oh, succulent garden of over bonsai or anything? Ah, I forgot the name of this guy, so we are looking and I just love everything. That is a weird looking. This thing looks like a some sort of warmth. There’s guys 1690 sighs. I think these are just Golden, Beryl. They are also euphorbia. This guy is calling you for the Kappa Kappa. Medusa medusas are euphorbia. It kind of does like that. Huh, looks like a snake heads. former role homeless cheese. I’m so sorry if I butchered it, but I tried this guy. It’s at 11 95 wearing a crawl. Isn’t it the normal area and these guys are called? Goldman cactus. They’re also grafted. That’s too. That’s too different. I think B this is your phobia. And that might be another type of euphorbia. They just grafted them together. They’ve been so popular right now. I see them literally everywhere. I look like a boy we’re like the most unprofessional plant tubers . I see them on Instagram before I don’t remember the name, but they are so fuzzy. They’re like snowballs, lets. Call it snowball cactus! They have these soft white spine. I know what they are. We just learned the name of it. Medusa, I think so okay. Let me try the name of this if I remember. It correctly is serious for bodyĆ­’s. Farrelly’s spare? Elise, yes? I think I got it. I think so weird get twisted around this guys, one of the most popular cactus out there now, and they’re so freaking expensive, but you can us understand why it’s so expensive Because they’re freaking beautiful. This is beautiful, it’s tiny. It’s like a what looks like a pumpkin or a sea urchin! They look like a happy family. Oh, beautiful, is that so we have what we call euphorbia visa. There’s a male and female. This is a male and normally it has the yellow pollen here and what we do is we take the sable brush and we dab it on to the pollen, and then we take it to the female seed pod and dab it onto the seed pod, and then we make these cones out of screen windows screen, put it over the female, and then when it’s really hot, it just pops open like popcorn, so this is a female and that’s a male, only females pulps. Yeah, and what you need to know about Euphorbias? Also, all euphorbias are poisonous. The juice is poisonous, right so don’t! Get the juice on you. Astro fighter, no! Oh, no! Astro fighting is different as this is an Astra fighter. Here this is quite of a rare. Astro fighting dog. I have little micro Astro Fightings over here to fight him. Yeah, looks grown from seed By a NASA scientist. These are 14.99 and they’re later 39:39 Yeah, what’s the big one is one a 180 Oh, yo, Canosa compacta. This guy is 1495 I do, and it’s not doing anything. It’s like when I got it five months ago. It was this big and that is this big. They are such slow growers, so Korea are not succulents, but they are very succulent, like they like bright sunlight, but they don’t like to sit on your windowsill, So they like bright light, but partially partial shade, otherwise, the leaves gonna turn white and get burned. It’s like a succulent grass, the big bulbs and grow like this succulent grass that I expected to see this, not in a million years guys. This is variegated strings of hearts. Yes, strings of heart is also a type of succulent. Their leaves are very thick and juicy. This is so cute! We have some pink variations down here. I don’t know what’s going on that. Looks like a brain that look like water, purple and green magical color. We have some more strings of pearls. This guy is 1895 and I have some bigger ones up here and all these assorted succulents in four inch pots are 495 right there, coat? The let’s try this. I’ll boot Kaspar alleys. Yes, I think I got it. I’ll book us. Bradleys this guy’s 1195 So this guy, the more Sun, it gets the more curlier it OB. If they, if they you put it in a darker corner, it’ll just be straight huge. I think we need to get one because every time we see them. We just can’t. Stop squeezing them because they’re so so cute, but when they’re pregnant, see this one they would split open and the baby will grow out of it. Guys, its translucent. Look at that white variegated leaves, Of course, this guy’s not for sale because it’s amazing Hamzah with the owner Malini here and she is such a kind lady. She let us build thank you, so she’s gonna talk a little bit about the history of this place. Okay, so my parents started this nursery in 1976 it’s about 42 years ago. Yeah, and he has six daughters, so he wanted to make a business for his daughters, and then he was very interested in turning his hobby and passion for plants into a business. Yeah, and so all the sisters work here and we take care of the maintenance at the tricks of your mouth. Six of us work here now. A few of us have gone to teaching and we came back. Yeah, work at the nursery. And we have a lot of like a very wide variety of rare plants and specimen and a lot of common pads as well so. I got cute little pot of Leith ups. They’re also called low, But I think they’re super cute. This guy is $8 They are called leaf ups. The name was derived from. Greek word means the stone, so they look like, literally like I don’t plant. They’re a type of succulents in the family of ice family, and they just pop at little babies in the center of this splits. I think they’re super cute. I can’t wait for them to pop up new babies and please welcome the little bus to the family. Give him a run applause! Make him feel welcome, okay. Thank you so much for watching guys. If you like the nursery. I hope you get to check it out. Thank you so much well. See you in my next video. I love you all bye. Make sure you like and subscribe to my video. .