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How To Grow And Propagate Aeonium | Black Rose


So this is this is an Ionian monster that it just grew so big and it’s getting out of control. Now that I thought I should now cut it back and do some propagation, I can make a lot of plants out of it, and it’s really getting very huge. Ionian black rose and it’s nearly black purple black foliage and the central green part. It gives an excellent feature to you to your gardens, so let’s start cutting some of these stems for propagation to bring it back to its shape. This one seems already a damaged part, and you see, it’s it’s going towards that end, so it’s it’s. If I don’t cut it back and bring it to shape, it’s it might get just completely out of control, so this is. This seems to be all already damaged. Look, I admit that I have not been taking care of it much so, uh. I will just cut this back from here. Let’s start from here. So what I’ll do? I’ll just cut back these shoots that coming out of this stem, and I’ll just keep it until I prepare my potting mix and pots to plant these. So that it gets a bit dry as well. Ideally, it should be left overnight, similar to do with this one as well. So this is a bit curly. So the best is to cut it here. Ionian doesn’t require much maintenance. It’s a low maintenance plant, so just try to remove these lower. Just pull them apart like this. Be careful not to crack it down, but just pull it because as far as we have that central crown, uh, our plan is gonna propagate. Uh, well, so we don’t want. Uh, all these hanging needs to. take all the nutrition initially, this one here. Extra leaves perfect. It was quite hot and humid today, a uranium normally. Uh, we should keep it moist in summer and in winter. It’s better to keep it dry. It doesn’t like too much water, so it’s a low maintenance plant but succulent plant, but we shouldn’t be giving a lot of water. Otherwise it can easily die out so I’ve kept it out for a few hours as I said, I really should be kept for an overnight so that these gets a bit dry and that’s fine. I’ve selected also different pots that were available already in my garden, but I have this terracotta. It goes very well in terracotta, so let’s plant it like this is don’t press the soil, just push it down almost half of its length halfway its length, Don’t press it down. Otherwise it’s gonna become a dense sponge, which we don’t want we need. We need to keep it a bit loose. Other one, put it this way. so a few more ionians and my frontier, I’m just trying to propagate these as well. This is another succulent sedum going very well as well and here’s another one, another one, and these are all from one tiny, uh, plant. They just grow and grow and grow and this is. I have, uh, planted this uranium as a combination with other succulents. Uh, this is Portulacaria afra. I’ve done one of my episode on this one. It’s a waterfall style and these are other succulents, and as a combination, it is giving a fantastic Look And, uh, in my front yard. It is in a large pot and it was just one tiny little plant that has grown like anything. I haven’t maintained my front yard for a while. It’s getting time to prune my other plants and do a bit of . So, as I said, really, it’s a really good feature. We have a good feature, so it’s a must have low maintenance plan easy to manage maintain, and it gives a fantastic look to your garden. So this is Hamid Khan here from Food, Mother and Gardening Audios and see you again in my next episode until then .