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Sansevieria Jaboa Snake Plant Propagation


But I am a fight, but a 1 and a quarter. So I just stick it up my nose. Chris, okay, so this is a stance. Various snake plant. And it is a massive one like you can find these at Big-box stores, but they have the skinny little leaves, and this one does have like this guy’s freaking eat, but some of these that are inside of this pot are. I’m gonna turn it around. Well, you can feed. Let’s talk about this for a second. You know this thing people ask me when they should be popular plants. This is when you should repeat your plan. At least some of these, these really like to be reap down a lot and they grow new shoots out and eventually they rupture their pots. So, yeah, obviously, this one needs to be repotted, so let’s turn, lets. Turn him around, so we can. Whitney’s back with you. Okay, look at this guy. Look at that leaf like that is massive. I have never seen a snake plant this big. I am so stoked. I got my hands on thing. Okay, the key with indoor plan. If you not over water them and don’t let them sit in water and how you do. That is with a super well-drained pot. This pot’s, obviously super we’ll drink, not even a pot any more in the back holes in the back because of that bourbon, but even these like to be super duper dry, so I’m going to repot him today in two pumps with coconut Coir, a ton of perlite because Perlite equals aeration and fastly draining soil and also worm castings Because for castings is what I feed my plants and this guy. I bet you anything is SuperDuper hungry. He’s so cool! Okay, that’s it, okay. Everyone knows. I always make a giant mess inside my plant room, But I actually have another video that I’ve had one kind of like this. It was really really massive, and I broke it apart and sold it, and it was really. It wasn’t like the least weren’t as big as the fun. It was just it was one of these, but there was just a ton in one pot and it took forever and I made such a giant mess and after like, last you cannot up. I was like you know that I had vacuum this room like twice a day every single day trying to keep up with my soil of repotting on my plant. So I dribbling you down. Keep my soil under control. So this guy. It’s gonna be easier to get out of this pot than the last ones. I’m just gonna keep breaking his pot. The last one that I had my his son. Actually, I’ll post a clip of it because it was pretty funny. My son had to help me get the plant out of the pot because it was so incredibly rootbound and it was. We laughed a lot. It was a! I’ve been little. Yeah, okay. Yeah, he’s pretty darn rebound, so these come off the me shoots, We’re gonna start this one, Mr. Kit, and all this little off the thing with these and the thing with the one that I did the other day is that when they get so rebound, the ones in the middle start to well, they they don’t get enough light, so they die The one that I had the other day, though he had a lot that were rotting from being over water, so we had both the inside. Were not doing enough light, so they were dying and it was massively over water. Okay, you okay, so what you’re gonna see with this? Big tangle of roots is that some of these are connected and some of them are not so like these two are connected. But this guy out here, he’s actually not connected to the mother plant, but he might have been connected at one point with this one, and he’s just nabbed off. These are actually buds that are gonna shoot out eventually, so he’s got more growth on him. On those two, this one, no new growth, this one will start to shoot up, come out the soil and then grow into a new, completely Different chute, that’s. The root system on these guys is just blows. My mind, it’s so incredible! This is a soda for scale, so this is a cool picture of two shoots that are connected by the rhizome underneath. So what you’re going to do is to propagate these. You’re just gonna cut that rhizome right in half. There’s roots established on each one, and you’ll just pop them. Separately, they get super because they tip out of their pots really easily and obviously we don’t want that so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to give him as deep in this pot in a centered as possible, I’m you well, so just for a second, He’s so top-heavy. Once their roots are established, though they won’t, they won’t be so top-heavy it, but for the first like few months. Uh, we can to be careful because you don’t want to knock him over and up bottom and then have to repot again so one thing. I do just want to talk about. I’m not gonna pop all these on camera, cuz. I would I learned last time I try to make it videos. Anything bad that is not the most fun thing to watch on the planet so, um. I’m going to hop the other guys off of camera system in I do want to talk about. Is these amazing pots? I’ve done these at Target. This size is five. What’s this array $80 so I found these pots at Target and they are my new favorite card pots for two reasons. This is the biggest one look at this. Look at all of this drainage. That is incredible! You never want your plants sitting in water and with these, they’re definitely not going to as long as you use the right kind of soil. There’s so much room for the water to come out. Then they have this little bowl at the bottom. That looks fine. I just ripped it off. And what’s the water that drains out, which is really handy when you’re watering these the reason why these are my favorite pot? It’s because this size was eight dollars and it looks super clean, and they come in a bunch different colors, but obviously the only ones that I use are the great weight and the plaque because I’m worried and anime. Yes, so I’m sorry, literally, all my places. There’s super durable plastic. I am done visiting 50 bucks on a big pot. This thing 8.8 the small ones were three and the biggest ones which are huge. Excuse me, we’re $15 Best pot ever. Thank you target. So we have one done one spot it up, and I’m probably going to keep this one because he’s so unique, and I love them and now I’m gonna pop the rest. I have somebody, he’s a lot lighter now. you!