Best Succulent Planters | 10 Succulent Garden Ideas For Small Planting Area


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10 Succulent Garden Ideas For Small Planting Area


For a busy person who craves gorgeous decorations. For indoor and curb appeal, Succulents can be the best solution. Unlike many other plants, Succulents tolerate drought. Which makes it the perfect choice. For a low maintenance front yard and back yard, But they do need some space to grow. If you have limited space at home, Still want to bring the magic of no fuss out of succulents to your home? I summarized 10 succulent garden ideas. For a small planting area After my last video, This list has been compiled for you by Simphomeco’m, Lets. Check it out 10 Succulent project fountain idea. One of the best ways to tackle the problem. From growing plants in a limited space. It is by using containers. It can be anything – a flower pot, a bucket. Or even an unused fountain To grow your succulent in a fountain. Check the base or the largest bowl for the fountain. Sits on a flat firm surface. Then start assembling the small bowls. Add pea gravel or any other small rock. Down the dishes, The gravel will serve a good water drainage And prevent the juices from getting in the water. Next, add soil to the gravel. Now you can put the succulent in there 9. Succulent wreath’s, mini garden project idea. Winter is coming. A wreath could be the best option. To decorate your event. Actually, you can make a wreath. From different types of materials such as twigs, straw Or shrubs. But let’s try something new now -. Make a succulent wreath To make a succulent wreath! Consider choosing some fine succulents. Such as Aeonium, Echeveria and Kalanchoe Cut stem sections from the succulent 1-2 inches long. Let the scraps sit overnight on a tray. Or any other flat surface? So that the ends of the cuts become callus. Soak a net-covered moss wreath in the water. Let it be completely saturated. Then enter succulent cuttings. In each small hole is in the form of a wreath. Keep it in place with floral pins or craft clips 8. Succulent in fund project idea Hanging plate to decorate your stark wall. It is a great idea. But instead of a pretty painting, Try hanging the juicer on the wall. To make this idea tangible. You need to make a square that will hold your succulent. By assembling shadow box and photo frame, Please remove the glass and support the frame first. Next, insert a hardware cloth with the frame facing down. Secure it with a staple gun. Add support and apply any finish you want? To the frame, Then add soil through a hardware rag. Poke holes to place the succulent. Once the succulent is arranged in the frame. Let the tire lie flat. Keep it out of direct sunlight for two weeks. To allow cuttings to form roots And do not water them for the first two weeks. After the roots occur 7. The idea of ​​a, succulent botanical garden project Flower pots. Everyone goes to containers. To grow plants when it comes to a small space. There are different types of flower pots. You can choose from them. It can increase the severity of your juices. Just choose a small flower pot made of glass or ceramic. Fill it with soil and gravel. Put and arrange your favorite succulents in it. And put it on your coffee table. To amaze some of the guests 6. The idea of ​​the Micro Fairy Garden project. This fairy garden is awesome. Most importantly, it’s easy to do. You don’t have to be a DIY expert. To build a house for a fairy You will only need an unused fruit basket or colander Or any other basket with lots of holes for drainage Cocoa liner aloe vera potting mix. The juicer is your choice. And don’t forget to get a fairy garden statue. For a tour outside the small park 5. The idea of ​​a Pine Cone project Hanging succulents in a clay pot. It is a dime a dozen. Let’s try something new like this pine cone planter. To make this wonderful planter. You need to sprinkle the bottom of the pine cone. That looks like a bowl with a sticker. Squeeze in some algae. Don’t squeeze it hard like tangling moss. It will help to hold the juicer in place. Wrap fishing line around the core of the cone. Add succulents and hang planter 4. Your succulent cage! Do you have an old bird cage at home? Don’t throw it away! Because it can make very good decorations For your balcony or deck. When combined with succulents, All you have to do is just fill the cage. With algae and algae succulents. Visualize how you want your crate to look 3. Beautiful tree trunk planter, project idea. This tree trunk planter will add charm. From a rustic look to your small backyard. You will only need to get a trunk. Make one or two hollows for plants, Stump, whitening, Add soil and gravel into the hollows. And plant succulents. Don’t forget to make some small holes underneath To drain the water 2 Idea for a monogram succulent project. Monogram can be a large centerpiece. In your bedroom or living room? What makes her look better. It is when you grow some succulents in it. Making a succulent barrette is just a breeze. You only need to get one letter only. Then saturate with water. Don’t make the monogram overwhelmed. With water, though. Make sure the moss is hydrated after springing. Putting a succulent mind. And you are okay with the last idea on this list. Before we get to number 1. I suggest you press the subscribe button. If this channel is new to you. Get new updates automatically. Every time I upload new videos And let’s discover the last idea to draw the summit of honor 1. An outstanding, succulent suspension project idea. A ball of succulent! Why not This area succulents? You will definitely freak out your guests. And if you want to adopt this idea, You need to get 2 hanging garden baskets. Fill them with Moss. Collect baskets. Secure them with a wire rod. Finally add juices And hang a sphere in your porch. Or you can place it on top of the planter. So these are 10 succulent garden ideas. For a small planting area. Which you can try to make at home. Roll up your sleeves now And explore your creativity with the beautiful, succulent BTW. You can follow the link to enjoy the same video. No pre-installed video ads. It may have changed. After changing our calendar until 2020 and beyond, That’s all for the time being. Before you leave like this video, if you really enjoy it. Comment on it or share it with anyone near you. In your social media account or this email, Browse and follow the Simphome website. For more home decor and makeover ideas, Finally. See you again later with more videos like this. In the near future Until then, thanks for watching.