Beheading Succulents | How To Behead Succulents + When And Why You Should Do It – Succulent Beheading 101 ✂🌱😱

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How To Behead Succulents + When And Why You Should Do It - Succulent Beheading 101 ✂🌱😱


Every one mightier welcome back to telling plans so today. I just want to show you how to behead your circus. Why did you do it and when you should do it when you should discipline so first, For starters, what is it beheading? I want to show you this. You up to five Mississippi. So you can see that some people may like a well. The bat might die, but the actually three good reasons why you should be heavier. So number One is for for cosmetic purposes. You want your plant to grow beautifully in its spot and lets. Go over it up over the pot and look ugly, and yes, scatter all over the place. So for example here. I have got this season where the thing comes and it had grown gang-du tall and it just fell over, so it place it in this big pot because it wouldn’t a smoke. Pot footage folder didn’t for the pattern. Now the second reason is for the help of the bank. You might get a plan that is too laggy and it might, yeah, just like. I said before it might fall over and then ask them might snap up. So you wouldn’t want that in your plants. We wanted to keep healthy. You want to grow compact and having a shorter stem. If your plants have a shorter span in their path, then there will be a less less chance of rock. It might not run as easily as a plant that has a long stem inside, and now for the third reason is for propagation, so for example, we have a fact that this is give up sex doesn’t give props and you want to move it like, and that doesn’t, you know, propagate release, So this is a good example. This is a pair of weights and this practice is again Flora if this is easily propagate from genes. So if it gets too long, we’d like to chop up the head, the head it so that we can get more babies from extent. Okay, so for this video. I want to demonstrate, and then I demonstrate to you how. I’ll be in for hearing this plant, so we got a go to working table. Okay, guys, so here. We have described the phylum two three so. I’ll be showing how I’ll be the heading this flat. Okay, so what you need is a knife. If it’s a shoulder or it’s a skinnier strand, which is not as big as this. You can use a pair of scissors, but for this demonstration. I’m using a knife. You might also want to have your cinnamon so for now before you visit any. Okay, so after cleaning your knife with an alcohol, you’d like to keep these. I can make a cut that is diagonal. It’s not horizontal. They are gonna cut certain when it gets rained on, or if it gets sprayed with water, the water will just flow on the cut and not stay on it. Avoid watch, okay, so some people they like to leave some leaves on the stem, but for this one. I’ll be taking the entire head of some of the leaving. You can see here the head to head. So when would you want to behead your settlings? Well, you’d like to finish your service if they get too long, take a lot of stem, and you’d like to do it on a sunny day, so that to avoid water from getting on to cut part and yeah, avoid it getting wet and yes, you might like to do it in someone. So after beheading your plan, you’d like to keep the head part and the lower part, the bottom part in a bright, shaded area so that the wounds have a chance to kill before they get water before they get the Middle East and the head part you can wait for new roots to grow at the bottom, and then you can replant it onto its new spot and wait for a few months. You’ll get more of the same thing, so that’s it for this video and I’ll see you guys.