Avonia Quinaria | Huge Plant Haul, 19 Cacti & Succulents!! Cactusagroideas, November 2020! 🌵✨

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Huge Plant Haul, 19 Cacti & Succulents!! Cactusagroideas, November 2020! 🌵✨


Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my channel before we get into the video. I just want to remind you all that. I do have a patreon where I post new videos every single week. I’m planning content pretty much every single day, so you can head over there and subscribe for Isla is one euro month. And I hope to see you there. I am surrounded by plants at the moment. I’ve already knocked one hour, but today is going to be a huge a huge haul. I’ve been putting this on for so long because I know it’s just gonna take forever. I’m gonna try my very best not to ramble about each and every single individual plant, but I do have 19 different cacti and succulents here to show you Teddy I. Actually, this is the first order I ever placed, and it’s taken me so long because the plants did come unrooted. And because this was the first time I ever ordered from this company. I was planning on doing a review, so I wanted to leave them for a couple weeks before I spoke about them, but honestly, since then, I’ve ordered twice from this company. I’m obsessed with it, and I don’t even feel like a review is necessary because I’m just obsessed with their website, Honestly, like 11 out of 10 for them. So I ordered from this website and mainland Spain. They only sell captain succulents and they are, their prices are insane. They’re so cheap in total. I think I only spent about 83 euros, including shipping for 19 plants, 19 plants. That’s why I’m obsessed with cacti and succulents. At the moment. I can’t believe I got 19 plants for less than 100 euros. Can you believe that, but anyway, I’m gonna try my best not to ramble so we can get into the hall. So the website I actually ordered from is called cactus aggro ideas. They are in mainland Spain. They ship from mainland Spain and they do restock every Friday at about seven oclock. Their website is so slow in the restock. It’s such a pain, but it’s so worth it. If you want to get your hands on the good stuff because people are waiting, they’re there and they are. They are ready, but they also do have stock throughout the week, and I think they do kind of like ghost grocery stocks. They don’t restock, but they do add the levels of numbers up on things, so let’s get into the hub. I’m gonna try my very best to pronounce the names of these plants, but just keep in mind that we all come from different parts of the world. We all say things differently and we all have a different accent, so I will put the names of these plants either in the description or on the screen. Because I might say something and you might be like whatever she’s saying, so I will put the names of these cactus and succulents somewhere. There’ll be somewhere for you. The very first one I have to show you is is so cute is little leaves. Make me laugh so so much. This is a techno cactus, articulatus var papi recanthus. And this is a little blue cactus. This is actually related to or in the same family as the sphere characters. You’ve probably seen it all over Instagram. The perfect globe cactus. This is part of that family, and I think this one. Actually, I might prefer it. It’s so cute with this little spiky hair. I love it so much, So this succulent reminds me of something out of the Lorax. Our heart in here is a who just do something out of a Dr. Zeus film or book or whatever. Because look at this look, okay. This is a hernia Palancia. Japan clone. This is the cutest little thing I think when people think of succulents, we think of those typical supermarket succulents because I did. I was one of those people, and since really getting into the succulent world, my mind has completely changed, and they are definitely one of my favorite plants again. I have myself. I think I mentioned it already, but I’ve actually placed two orders from this website since because I’m just, I’m literally obsessed with that. I check it like every single day order something that they’re just doing. I’m trying to make piles here plants that I’ve showed you implants that we still have to go. Let me show you this one. Next there’s a little mealybug on here. Love that love that this is an addromu’s kiss South Clan. William, I’ve actually really started to get into the addromuscus family. I think seconds to come and coy. Obviously they are my favorite type of succulents at the moment. Ignore the little mealybug on there we’re getting a lot of new growth on these plants. Now I do have them growing in my grow tent. And they’re all growing fabulously, so I am seeing some little mealy bugs now popping out that we’re getting some growth, but it’s fine. I’ll just pick it off later. Our mealy bug storm melee. Mealybug’s really don’t bother me. But this is the adjabuscu’s south clan, William. I’m obsessed with these long long leaves, and they do get Sun stressed and go a beautiful purpley color. Let me show you my next address because actually because I love them so so much. So this next one. Oh, I better put that in the pile. This next. One is the abdomen, Cooper. I var! Oh, my labeling hasn’t worked Very well. Var festivus. I didn’t think this through when I wrote all over the stick. So that may I might be talking a little bit rubbish there. This one also has mealy bugs popping out of it now. Oh, some sunshine. This one also has little mealybugs popping out when I actually open this one. So all these plants chip bare root. I think I actually already mentioned that. And because of that, there wasn’t any security for the succulents, and I did lose quite a few leaves on this one. When I opened it, which is fine, I can propagate it. No bother, but this has propagated so so well for me. Every single leaf that had fallen off on this plant is currently putting out new growth. And I’m so excited about it, so I’m going to have, like 12 of these plants, and it’s going to be. It’s going to be fabulous. I do have one more at domesticus to show you, and it’s so different to the first two. I showed you! This is the atromuscus shoe tianus. This reminds me of something from under the sea. This really looks like like it could just be sitting at the bottom of the sea. I’m a huge fan of this one. And this one was actually two separate plants. So I was very happy about that. I decided to plant them together. Though just because it just looks so cute, I love it. I didn’t want two smaller pots of it, so I kept them together and I’m really happy. I did that because it makes the pot look so much more full. I really really like this one. This one’s another one that goes a nice sun stress pink on the edges, But I’ve only just put it in the grow tent after it’d been in the shade for the last month. So we’ll see if that brings back that beautiful color. This next one here is a euphorbia. I think this might be one of my absolute favorites from the Holy Ghost, Little bum. I think this might be one of my favorites from this whole. This is a euphorbia stilatta and it just. I love euphorbias so much, they’re so crazy. The leaves of this are actually super super long, but I think they cut it off before shipping. You can see there, but I love the trunk of the sky. It looks like, but I’m a huge fan of this. I really hope that these leaves will grow back pretty quickly for me or at least I’ll get new growth on the leaves, So I can have those nice long. Beautiful ones! I actually is this putting out. I think that this one, actually. I think I might have two leaves that are actively growing. So fingers crossed for me. I need to get some fertilizer for these, actually. I’ve ran out of my cacti fertilizer for the season, and I didn’t think that that would be an issue because I wasn’t expecting to get a growth head, but now I’m tricking all of my cat tie and succulents into thinking that it is summer, so I need to get some fertilizer for them, so they’ll grow for me. This next one here was the most expensive plan. I got in this haul. This was a definite wishlist plan. I’ve saw this all over Instagram, and I couldn’t believe I got it. I can’t believe I got most of these plants to be honest with you. This is the tefl cactus geometricus. This is the globe Cactus I was talking about. You must have seen this all over Instagram. Literally, it’s perfect circles when it grows. This cost me 12 euros by the way for anyone that’s interested and how expensive the prices really range to since then I have got a more expensive plant from there and I’m kind of nervous to see how it arrives because it was really crazy, but we’ll see, maybe I’ll do an unboxing so you can actually see how the plants arrive. I did have footage of an unboxing, but I deleted it because we’re on our memory, but I’m very very my butts going numb, which is why I’m doing here, but I’m very, very excited to see how this is actually going to put out new growth. I’m really, I’ve never ever seen one of these. So I wonder if it pops out a little circle, and it grows and grows and grows or what happens there. I really hope that I can get this to grow for me over the winter in the grow tent. So I can see because I just want to see how the little beanie is going. We’re getting through these pretty quickly. I think we’re doing we’re doing, all right. Let me show you this one, actually, because I knocked it over and I need to put perfect. I need to put it up. This is the Aviana Quariana Flora Rosa, Which means it’s got pink flowers. This is so cute! It looks like a little paintbrush. This also might be one of my favorites from this haul. So this one here. These little paintbrush leaves at the top, actually grow super long and the flowers come out the end of it. Isn’t this just the cutest little thing? The root system on it’s very, very small. I’m tempted to put this one into Lekha, but I’m kind of I would love to put all of these in lecture for the winter, so I can just let them grow and grow and grow in the grow tent, but I’m worried about having issues putting them back into soil for summer next year, so I can grow them outside. I don’t know what to do here because I shouldn’t have again. I didn’t expect to get a grow tent or something, so I was expecting just to be growing these outside year long and kind of just letting them be dormant over the winter, so I put them in that hotel cardboard, and even though they’re so cute now, I’m having to water them like every three days, so I would. I’m really thinking about putting them into lecture, But at the same time, I’m worried about transitioning them back to soil to go outside in the summer. I don’t I said, what is that? I don’t know, I don’t know what this is so cute. Definitely one of my favorites from this hall again. If you thought of a succulent, would you ever think of this little guy? Honest, I’m so obsessed, I’m so obsessed. Let me show you let me show you the biggest guy I got actually so. This is the Mammalaria plumosa. You may have seen this on my instagram. Actually, I couldn’t help myself. I just I’ve been trying to keep most of these a little secret secret from years until I did that, but this one, I just could not show you because this is known as the feather cactus, It’s not got a single, spiky on it, like, look how bouncy and fluffy and feathery It is a little dirty, just from shipping. I assume, so it’s not the bright, white, beautiful feathers, but this actually bloomed for me a couple of days after I got it, which was super super exciting. Definitely the largest. I got all of these. You can see set in these little tiny terracotta pots. This one was the only exception, so that kind of gives you a little gauge on what sizes all the plants come because they all fit in these tiny little terracotta pots on the website. The plants do look a lot bigger, but you can tell by the price that they’re not going to be as big as they actually look on the photos. I think it’s because they zoom in really far to get the phone, so they do. Look a lot bigger, but it tells you the pot size on the website. When you’re ordering love this little guy, I’m really getting into the mammalian family, actually, okay, I’m sure you have all been waiting for this one. I didn’t get the baby cactus. This one was 10 euros 10 euros for this. It’s so cute. Look at that in his little terricoff hot. I’m so so happy I managed to get this one. I actually had to place two orders, so I made my first order. So when they actually do the restock every Friday, they all update the numbers. And then when you put a plan into your car, they will hold that plant for you. So if you put a plant into your cart, that is yours, but they only let you keep it in your cart for a think 45 minutes to an hour. I think that’s how it works, so I saw that they were counting down, so I had a little timer next to the screen on it saying like, what did it say something about? There might be more than like, 35 minutes, so I waited on the screen for 35 minutes and sure enough there was one and I grabbed it real quick. You do have to buy three plants to order, sorry. This is the Martijo cactus fur coat. You do have to order three plants from their website, So I got that, and then I had to go back and get two more plants. It was so hard for me. I was ever so upset about next. Two plants here. I’ve actually lost the label for so I know that they’re both tight and obsessed, but I don’t know what kind they are because I love the labels for them, but these are really cute as well. These remind me a lot of little sea bottom of the sea plants. Very, very cute little guys. I’m a big fan of these perfect place for melee bugs, though I’ve definitely picked a few out there, but it’s fine, it’s fine, so this next one here, I’m actually not the biggest fan of when I ordered it on the website. I loved it, but seeing it in real life, I’m kind of just, like, uh, like I like it, but I’m not overjoyed about it. I’ll still keep it and I’ll grow it out and hopefully when it grows a little bit more, I’ll enjoy it, and if not, I will just give it away or trade it, but this is the Henry Rowa. Oh, no, where’s the light going? Herrera Brevifolia. So I’m not too Sure how I feel about this one. I like it, but I don’t know, I don’t know, We’ll see how it grows for me. That’s the only one! I was kind of disappointed about, actually when I they’re sliding. I’m sorry when I opened it up and popped it up. I was just kind of like I wouldn’t have bought that plant if I saw a new life in a store. Another little euphorbia here. This is a euphorbia japonica. I really really love this guy. I love Euphorbias leafy euphorbias. Specifically, I love love love the way that they grow and I love their little leaves, and this reminds me so much of like a little tiny baby. Madagascar palm. It’s it’s so so cute. Oh, I forgot to mention that. These plants have come from mainland Spain. So some of these names might be the Spanish names. So if you’re looking at a plant here and you’re like, that’s not what it’s called. It might just be the Spanish name for it rather than the English name, But this is a euphorbia japonica. So so cute. I really really like this one, and I’m very excited to watch this one grow. Euphorbias are pretty fast growing, So I’m really hoping that I can grow this one very well in my garage over the winter. We’re getting into the last few nights. That’s Izzy. Oh, goodness me! This is the Tyler Cordon. Oh, Sienna, this really does look like something from under the sea. This is awesome! I really really love this guy. Very, very cool, little guy. He is very soft. In nature. There’s never been a time even straight after watering or even a day after one where he’s really kind of hardened off. So I think he is just soft. My camera memory card got filled. I have no idea where we left off, but we’ve got four more plants left. Let me show you this little pushpin cactus. This needs a good water, and these last four are left until last because these are the ones that grow outside compared to the rest of them that you’ve seen before that are all in my grow tent. So this little push pin cactus as a. Oh, goodness, I don’t know how enough to say this one. So, Corey. So I don’t even know what the last word says, but this is a cutie pie, little bright, purple, push pen cactus. It needs a very good watering, so ignore how squishy that is and no. I’m gonna need to wear these all today. I really do have to work. My goodness that I helicopter. I really do have to water all these plants And these little teddy cockpot’s like every three days. I’m not even joking. The next one I’ve actually had before you might remember it. If you’ve been watching my channel for a very long time now. I actually got this little Priscilla about a year ago. Now, literally, I think a year ago in November, but I listened to a listen to the advice of others, which I shouldn’t have did, and that advice was not to water this ever like, literally Never water this and I didn’t. And, Of course it died. This guy needs water, every literally Three-ish days. So the fact that I did not wear this for like a month to two months. At a time, of course, it died. So I’ve I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’m ready to try again with this Cutie pie, little little guy. This is the coral Androgyno. I don’t know how to say this cleanser like crunch wrangling, quanda language gelatinous. But I’m very happy to have this little guy back in my collection. Oh, we have another Priscilla here. This is the crusala ivory Pagoda. This is a very kind of textured. I wouldn’t say fluffy, but it is a textured crusala. It’s kind of still pointing up right now. Because again it needs water, but this one seems to be doing really well. When I first it’s helicopters when I first opened this, it was all kind of closed up, and I think it does that when it needs water. Because when I do water, it kind of flops back down again, but I really, really, really like this crystal. I’ve got a couple crystals actually in my collection now and Im. I do enjoy them. I think it’s a little police helicopter. That’s fine about here and this last one is a aloe. This is a very blue, spiky little aloe again. I’ve really started to grow my aloe collection and I am very much enjoying collecting. These little guys, I’m a huge, huge fan of this. I think that this one might actually be a hybrid. It hasn’t, I haven’t wrote down that. It’s a hybrid here, but I think that this one is a hybrid or something else if I remember correctly from the website, but that is the very last plan. I almost dropped that, but that is the very last plan in this haul. I hope that this wasn’t too long and boring. Four years. I’m really really enjoying getting into the cat tie in such healing worlds. They are very quickly becoming my some of my favorite plants. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching. Let me know if you do make an order from this website. They do ship throughout Europe. So let me know how that goes for. You and I will see you all next time.