Asteria Plant | How To Propagate Astrophytum Cacti — Ep 107

Summer Rayne Oakes

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How To Propagate Astrophytum Cacti — Ep 107


Hey, guys! I’m here in Singapore at Tara Scape’s nursery. And we’re going to be talking about Astra fight impaired and propagation. So we’re gonna talk about cacti propagation, and you have some Astra Fightings here, which are looking so flush. And you grow them by seed. Yes, each time. The adults bloom. We need to write and well, we’ll pick up the pollen from one of them and we’ll inseminate the other one. And you do with a paintbrush, or how do you do it? We do it! The tweezer’s, just regular tweezers! Yeah, it’s better that way and are they? Do they usually bloom at the same time or do? Sometimes they bloom. Ah, and no, they don’t bloom all together. So yeah, you want them to bloom together so that you get more pollen and one goal and are they? Are they blooming in like over the course of a day or do they last for a little while long, the blooms last for like they could reopen like on the second day, but not usually not on the third day. Yeah, okay, great, so you have to act fast, then. All right, right on and then after you pollinate them, they go to seed. Yep, so you get a little fruit on top, and when it’s ripe will dry up and you can pick the seeds off and what you do Is You can sprinkle the seeds in a container like that. It’ll be covered, but the color has holes and we leave it in their way. It’s like really moist and give it a bit of Sun, and they’ll germinate in like some times as fast as a few days. Wow, when they germinate. Is it like two little leaves like? Or how does a little blob yesl around Sakuya? And then when do they start getting like, plump like these guys? I reckon they’re about 4 or 5 months old early. Yeah, yeah, so we germinated them about 4 or 5 months ago. So let’s talk a little bit about the potting medium that you use for your seeds. So we have the peat moss and Coco Peat, the River Seine and volcanic sand granules and pumice again and it all comes together in the mix like this, and this is good because it’s a, you know, that’s a well draining and you want it to have be a little bit more well draining for the seedlings. They don’t mind it a little moist most of the time because the you know, they’re growing and and that moisture helps them to germinate faster as well. So is that cover really helping for the the humid humidity within it for the seedling? If we don’t cover it, even though Singapore’s like really human, if you don’t cover it, the germination might take a long time interesting, interesting, so just having that little microcosm in there for them. And so now you have these little seedlings, and you have different stages here as well. Yes, so! I I really can’t remember how old they are, but they’re probably about seven or eight months or like these guys, at least. Yeah, they’re really really slow. Growing so 7 to 8 months inand. How about these guys? Here’s like the big ones are definitely my show that it’d probably be about five six years old. Wow, okay, so even getting something like this. If you’re buying it, you have to appreciate the fact that this, you know took five or six years to get to you. Yeah, that’s the thing we’ve cacti and succulents. And you’re keeping the same potting medium then. Are you kind of making it a little bit more gravelly as you go. Yes, you could make it more gravity as you go, and and you’d have to take a look at the root system of the seedlings summers really really fed tap roots, so you kind of, like, not want to make it to it, or if you make it wet, then you should cut down on the frequency of watery, okay, so if it has a more finer root versus like one large tap root, then you, you want to actually have maybe a little bit more peat or cocoa? Mix, okay, you have the. Astra fight! Um, here, tell me a little bit more about their care, particularly in your neck of the woods here in Singapore over here in Singapore, we grow them in quite a bit of direct sunlight. The most netting we have a birthright would be about thirty percent, Not more than that Because these guys want. Sun in can. Yes, yes, they can handle Sun. You did mention that. These guys might be ready to actually propagate, so lets so let’s do that so we can start by digging one of them out, and then we can take a look at the root system as well. Okay, so he’s really in there. Yep, and it’s got a pretty healthy root system education, so this all mix was a little bit gritty, so we kind of wanted to grow a little faster. I hope right, so we’re gonna use this new media and as always a little sprinkling of secret ingredient here and then we’re gonna put him in here this way we’re just gonna fill it up. Super simple. Yep, and what do you now plant? Another one up in this little hole? No, we’ll leave it, but we’ll try to clear out this pot. Okay, yeah, and so do you ever reuse your potting medium or ANOVA? Toyo, it’s like! Oh, then sometimes it’s got like nematodes in there like root Millys and you just want to get rid of it. Yeah, so it’s it’s good, good kind of plant care in order to be able to change your potting medium up and clean your du tensile, definitely, and that’s so that’s super simple. Look at that. The whole media becomes cat litter because they’ll catch love it. That’s recycling. That’s a good upcycling right there. Yeah, and I’m sure the cats appreciate it. They do they do they do like this. Well, thank you so much. This is like super simple and these. Astro fighting was look amazing. You have some really awesome varieties. Thank you so much, thank you. Propagating cacti requires a little patience, but as sandy has shown can yield some strong results. I’m curious! 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