Aptenia Variegated | 11/100 Aptenia Cordifolia Variegata Baby Sun Rose Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭

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11/100 Aptenia Cordifolia Variegata Baby Sun Rose Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭


Hello, everyone! Welcome to desert, succulent and today, Pagosa panda. Um, cordifolia, or commonly known as our baby Sandro, so this one? We have two kinds of this. What you are seeing right now is the variegated aptenia, and we also have young ordinary lung. Which is the green type and I will be showing it to you. This one is young, typical. Nothing baby rose up close. It comes with this color, green na leaf as compared pack variegated. You will really see the big difference. This one is just pure, green bug, Hindi variegated. But for the variegated one in lighter young color than Kanye Manga leaves upon closer inspection leaves my heart and no. Kanye leaves are glossy green with some white edges, And this is one of those succulents that I like because it’s a trailing satellite ebikes. Yeah, it could be a perfect ground cover cinema garden. It’s like having a carpet of Green’s Senuma gardens, they also produce, you know, adding bright pink to Purplish na small Daisy Flowers and right now. Next mug mug bloom detours. I think variegated Hindi, passionate Start. But I will be showing to you. Even for our variegated optinia, ganondre, no color and a no canyon flower. So there’s no big difference, Flower. It’s just a matter of having these different color. Nankanilang mala leaves our baby rose looks great in gardens or even containers and right now had planters and I think it was really nice, Baby Rose, They can grow up to six inches tall and even spread up to two feet or that’s 60 centimeters, so just imagine if Nepadamina then it would really look great, so I think Manga containers or consumers say this one could also be hanging, but the new sun is a bit. It will just hang literally numero planters. Unlike other succulents, this one is very suitable for coastal conditions or manga places with regard to their light requirements. They prefer you adding full sun. They’re even heat, tolerant, drought, tolerant and even salt tolerant as I mentioned earlier in that, they can be place. Uh, coastal areas with regards to watering atemanga baby rose again. They prefer you adding good drainage and that is very essential. Sakhanelang survival. We need to water them regularly. When the soil becomes dry in, we need to be extra careful and exposed, baby rose roof tops and they receive full sunlight from sunrise to sunset Medjoom Billy’s mag dry young Kanela Manga leaves and, like, for example, I have here so one weakness and even your canyon leaves, it’s very wrinkled and as you can see some brown drainage, soil and even the roots, and as a result, you would see in Witherdna or Namatayna Bangli Somang Ibang’s occupants they can survive for at least two weeks Nahindi Siladini diligan. But for this one I noticed, so it’s advisable. Now you should water them once a week or twice a week. Even though Na, they prefer you adding full sun still. We need to be extra careful, napa. I also made an experiment before. We have it here. Healthy leaves this one now. We started to give extra attention. Unlike before indoors and right now we will be replanting it in head planter. This one is a clay pot now, Buddha style. And in order, Nothing Sha from Pangasinan. So this one Mili bugs, but it’s not really Amelie bug Anusha parang, Skar, Langsa and Timah baby rose are generally pest free Hindi sila Madalini Kapitan kung . I am using an indoor plant for this one. So for today, we will be using it on a thin head planter. Dito, and this is the disadvantage of using you. Atima Clipas casino Unilever. All I need to do is try to fix it. Using, uh, super glue. And this was a video I recorded before company and after nothing. Malaga super glue cracks nothing. So I didn’t use a special soil mix little. This one is just a combination of compost, some black soil. I also added, uh, fertilizer, Italian, adding osmocote fertilizer minix coolant. I think so, and that’s it. Now we will be transferring soil, and now we are about to transfer it. Oh, yeah, so this one also has osmocote fertilizer, its oil. I will not be removing this one. But instead I will just literally transfer it, also adding new planter. Oh, yeah, so all we need to do is try to rearrange it, so we will just give some time for this. Baby rose to grow longer, and eventually it can cover it in empty areas. I never tried propagating it on, adding baby rose using you at manga leaf. But instead the best option for you to propagate this one is through stem cutting. So all you need to do is just cut it here. Then that’s it for the name, literally all for our baby Sun Rose care guide and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel. If you have some requests, you can just comment it down below. You may also visit our Facebook page at Desert Cycling Page Because I do not impose succulents. Nah, for a sale. Thank you guys for watching. So you!