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Anacampseros Sunrise Succulent Plant Care & Propagating. Anacampseros Rufescens


So hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. My name is Tara and my Youtube channel. Name is the planting bug. Welcome to this week’s video. So in today’s video. We are going to be talking about this rare succulent. Let me show you here. She is just a beauty. This plan is called the Anna Kampro’s sunshine. Sorry, anna. Kampro’s sunrise, succulent! This is from South Africa and she is just gorgeous. I love the pink colors here. Um, and she is getting ready to flower. Their flowers open up, usually in the afternoon. So I’ll try to get a little video of that. Um, but they’re really beautiful, petite pink flowers That are just gorgeous when they open up. So I’m going to tell you all about this plant. All the plant care tips with it. It’s very easy to take care of and just super unique. I was really excited to buy this plant. I got it off of Amazon for like 7.95 and then there was like five dollars shipping, so it’s very rare, and I popped one of the little babies. The little pups off, so I have propagated it and here is what that looks like. It’s been very slow growing. These plants stay very small. They’re compact plants. Um, and so I’m hoping that this one will take off, and it will start developing the pink colors and get the flowers as well, but just her I’ll buy it herself is just beautiful. Take a look at her. So if this is your first time to my channel, let me introduce myself. My name is Tara. I’m a wife and a momma of three. I also work full time and then this Youtube channel is all about plants. So I’d love to have you stick around and subscribe and become part of my plant family. So go ahead and hit that red. Subscribe button down below, turn on the notification, Bell. So you’re notified every time I upload. Isn’t she a beauty? Okay, so lets. Go ahead and talk about this beautiful, succulent Like I said it is from South Africa and the name of this plant is a Anna camp cerros sunrise succulent. It is small clusters and like. I said I got it from Amazon. It was only 7.95 plus five dollars for shipping. The flowers, which I’m showing you here. They open up during the daytime later in the afternoon and they are beautiful, delicate little pink flowers. I will try to show you later on in this video once I see them opening up. This type of plant grows very well in either partial sun or right in the sun. I place mine. I’ll show you here in a little bit, but it’s right on a west facing window right in my kitchen windowsill, and it is just gorgeous, and I just love the bright pink pigment on some of these leaves. I just think it is gorgeous and just so beautiful to look at this flower or sorry. This succulent does not require a whole lot of watering. I maybe water it two to three times a month, of course, in the summer months. You want to water it a little bit more when you’ve got that hot heat sitting on it all day long, so I just kind of pay attention to it, and this here is the propagation that I did off of the main plant and it has grown so well. This has been sitting here in this pot, probably for close to a month, so it’s very slow growing, but you definitely can propagate from the mom plant. You just pop off one of the little pups. I’m going to be great. If you can get some roots on there, put it in some water, or you can just plan it right away and it is doing really well showing you here where I put this in my home. This is on my kitchen windowsill and it’s in a west facing window, so it gets a lot of direct sunlight every single day. Um, this plant does require four to six hours of sunlight. You just may want to play with it and decide where to put it in your home, but mine does very well. I live in Utah so we don’t have hot winter months. Just our summer months are hot, but this does really, really well in my kitchen windowsill in a west facing window, the sunlight does help bring out the colorful pigment in this plant, which I think is just so beautiful. The plant will become greener when kept in the shade for too long, so this is definitely a plant that thrives in just natural sunlight. So as far as fertilizing this plant goes, it is not necessary to fertilize, but it can encourage blooms. So if you want to fertilize it, remember to only fertilize in the spring and summer months and not in the winter, but again, it is not necessary if you do not want to, and then as far as toxicity goes with this plant, there’s not much information that I could find out about the plant, this plant’s toxicity to humans or animals, but I just say when in doubt proceed with caution, and if you are suspect to poisoning from this plant, just contact your local vet or the Poison Control Immediately so. I do hope that you found this video helpful, and if you are loving succulents as much as I am. This is definitely one to buy. There’s not a lot out there about it. Um, and I just love the fact that you can get something as beautiful as this from another piece of the world like I said, this is from South Africa and have it here in my home and just watch the beauty take over. So this is definitely a rare, succulent that I am in love with. I look at it and watch it every single day. I will try to get video footage of when these open up and show you here in this video, but yeah, if you are not following me yet over on Instagram, I am also over there where I constantly post all of my plant progress. My plant journey and it is also called the planting bug. So I do hope you guys enjoyed this video. Give me a thumbs up. Share with your friends and remember to subscribe and I’ll be back next week with some more plant tips. you!