Aloe Plicatilis Care | Checking The Black Rot On My Fan Aloe

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Checking The Black Rot On My Fan Aloe


Hey, guys, it’s natty. Welcome to my channel. If you’re new, thank you for stopping by if you’re a subscriber from before. Thank you for subscribing and coming back. So guess what if you didn’t see in my last video? I did a house tour and when I was looking, I noticed that this plant was getting some black coloring down here, and so I decided I better check it out and when I went to pick it up off its tray. This wood still had a lot of some water in it. So that means obviously between that water and this. I overwatered this guy thinking I was fixing him because his leaves were so skinny. I thought, oh, no, he needs a good drink. Well, no, that wasn’t. What was needed? So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to unpack him and check out his roots and see what’s going on, and if I can put some dry soil in there and all that good stuff what I’m gonna do is dump out the rocks, The topdressing. Maybe it’s pretty heavy. I could do it without dropping it. That would be a good idea, do this. I don’t think there’s anything around the soil other than my over watering, so I’m going to not dump out this soil. I’m just gonna put it and this, so it can dry out a little bit and I’ll just put some dry soil in with it. It’s actually pretty loose. I almost feel like I could pull it out, okay, so this is pretty wet this one, except I kind of want to leave it, but probably actually cut that one fine. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna leave this uni. Just, uh, something. I’m not gonna put it in soil yet. I’m gonna let it sit like this for a day till tomorrow, and then I’ll pot it up in some dry soil. So that’s what I’m gonna do because roots seem fine. Nothing feels slimy or anything. Just oops seems okay. So got rid of the yet it’s okay. Nothing, soft, nothing squishy. It’s all nice and hard, so I’m gonna leave it like this and let it dry out for a day and then I’ll put it in dry, so I’ll show you one more thing, so I dumped the soil out in here and it is DHing wet. I don’t know what I was doing, but it is definitely way too wet, so we’ll let this dry, probably in the garage and I’ll clean this out. Let this sit and then we’ll finish putting it up tomorrow, actually. Two days later and I’m going to fold it out. Let it sit, hold off the dead or the rotted stuff. These roots look okay so. I’m just gonna fill this back up with dry soil. Okay here! We go got soil actually okay now. I’m gonna get some help. Trust me, alright, so this is the one. I had they taking off, so I’m gonna first there she is. I’ve got a dirty all right now. We’ll try not to overwater again, right So pretty one more thing needed. What do you think about this? Frog, one of my grandma’s so cute, All right, that’s it. I hope she does well and I will not be over watering her. It will be so much more careful and make sure she is dry before. I give her give her a drink. So thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed this repotting and hopefully saving of my fan Allô. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend or week. Whichever day you end up watching this and until the next video you.