Aloe Pepe | Repotting Aloe Brevifolia & Descoingsii X Haworthioides + Care Tips


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Repotting Aloe Brevifolia & Descoingsii X Haworthioides + Care Tips


Hey, kumusta kayo! Welcome to another video, yeah? I’m gonna be doing a couple of repo teams again today. A couple of ballet plants first up. We have this Hello, Rubber folia. You will reap off this one. It’s in my old mix as well. So let me get into my new one. The next one is a load that’s going zx4. Theo, DS, get another one. That’s in my old mix and do a repot as we’ll probably take a couple of these offsets because I want to propagate some of these as well. Yeah, we’ll start with the brother. Folio first. And you see all this stuff in here? That’s the old count there mix. I’m used to use hasn’t done too bad in this . Yeah, good opportunity, check the roots over because root mealy bug, absolutely love going in the roots of a lose and war, theour and guest area. Yeah, like I normally do. I’ll get all this home soil off. I’ll be back here in just a moment. Yeah, we’ll take these all dried leaves off as well. Yeah, that’s a bit more idea, yeah. I’m actually gonna do something that could be quite controversial hair with this plant. I’m actually going to trim the roots on it. Trimming the roots is perfectly fine. They’ll grow back more vigorous and healthy and they are quite dry and brittle. On here! Anyway, you can do this with water and gas there as well and even cacti, especially on seedlings. Samson, and use a pair of scissors that have been sterilized and isopropyl alcohol just became proven in some of these reefs off these ones in the middle here, not quite dry and hollow. Anyway, so you want to take them out? Yeah, that’s about wound off that one, see? I said this will be going into my regular mix. Which is four equal parts of a lone based compost joining’s number two in this case. Some water, cultural grit, lava rock and pumice. I’m going to put both of these plants into these nice octagonal bowls in a bit some Ozma cotton here as well, just a low nitrogen slavery’s plant food and pull the plant in. I’m sure we’re in the middle use. Nice fuel. Just take this all down tiny loops and then finally will progress it. Let’s do some lava rock. So, yeah, a few care tips for this allo. It’s really easy to care for. I keep mine in partial Sun, but it will change color if you give it full. Sun, it’s apparently Hardy down to minus 7 degrees Celsius, But I do whatever winter mine indoors. I do actually walk my hellos all year round. I wore it once a week in the summer and probably once a month in the wintertime. Right on to the next one. Hello, disappoint EX4 Thirties, unable in the briefs, considering it seemed to be quite compacted up towards the top, though. And that’s what I didn’t like about the cat-lair. You know, get this cleaned up again. Be back to you in just a moment here. Not bad roots on this. I will trim the roots as well on this one. Careful not to trim those off the new roots coming through there, you know? I’m going to take some offsets off this one as well, this one’s. These old leaves out as well say once again with our sterilizers print some of these resource. Listen, don’t cry for ones in here. Get them out as well. How lose will naturally shed their roots and water? Your own caste area do the same as well. It is good to get these. Old Crow ones out Because they could potentially cause rot problems. Yeah, same style of pot. Everything is already also caught in, and then, of course, stop pressing. I guess, yeah, some care tips for this one. It’s not that easy a load too careful again. I’ll keep this in semi-shade position again. It will change color and the loss, unlike the good to protect it from the hot midday. Sun very drought-tolerant as well. This one or this once every two weeks in the summer and once a month in the winter time again. This one is apparently hardly down to minus two Celsius again, Just like the Berber folio. I will overwinter this indoors. Yeah, that’s if the L is required. I ended up taking three off this of the whole areas as we’ll hoid them up into a pot together. Yeah, no water for these guys for at least a week, but because I trimmed the roots. I’ll probably leave out a couple of weeks before they get their first water and again. You know, there’ll be a few more repoint videos to come. I probably do a few spy. Keys next time. Quite a couple of Cantho Coliseums need repotting, so they’ll probably be in the next one. So thank you very much for watching Guys, please remember to. Like comment and subscribe, hit the notification Bell as well to be notified. When I upload a new video, you will be safe and well, I shall see in the next video, Llama or Adam Bye for now .