Aeonium Lily Pad | Planting Aeonium “lily Pad”

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Planting Aeonium "lily Pad"


Hi, boredom, friends today. I’ll be planting with a union lilypad. And I’ll be planting ten of them and a terracotta pot down there. So a very simple arrangement, But before I get to that. I want to tell you a little bit about this plant. It is a beautiful light, green color and the leaves are slightly fuzzy because they have fine hair on them. And Ionians are mono kaarvok and mono carpet means that once they set seed or bloom, they die, but there’s nothing to worry about because before they set C or bloom, they produce a ton of pups that they offset at the base of their stem here. They’ll offset a ton of pups all the way around so the offset. Then the little stems will come out out of the little nodes there, and they’ll just stretch out and it’s just a beautiful thing so once that happens, what I do is cut the little pups, and I plant them in two inch nursery pots and the cycle begins all over again. So now that I’ve said a little bit about this plant. I just thought that, you know, letting you know that they’re mono car pick is very important. At least I would want to know before buying a own IAM plants if you don’t know about these plants, but yeah, just a little tip so now. I’m going to get to the planting and I’m gonna fill this terracotta pot with soil all the way to the top and like I said before I will try to fit 10 of them in here, but I’m not sure if that’s actually gonna happen, but I sure will try and what I’m gonna do next is I will get my biggest one, and I think that this is the biggest one that I have, and I will start it in the center, makes it very easy for me to even them out if I start one in the center and then I’m gonna work my way around it, so that one’s there, and I’m gonna anchor it down and I’ll start with my other ones, and I’ll try to plant them evenly, where they’re like the same height, so I do one in the center, then I go across. Then I do the same thing across this way, so I form a cross basically, and I tend to plant the bigger ones first, so I can plant the smaller ones in between. Oh, man, so I have one five more. Maybe I’ll have to adjust some, but I think it’s possible. I think it is okay. Very, very simple arrangement. I just thought they would look so pretty together. Just planted, okay. I’m getting there and I think I can fit two in this spot right here. And that’s how I’m gonna make it happen. I’ll squeeze and I’ll let just this one just a little bit down to that side towards the front. I’d squeeze this one in here. And if you think that they won’t have any space to grow, ya think twice they will, though they’ll be just fine, they’ll grow just fine. I got a little leak there, okay, and for the last one, not as easy as it sounds, that’s for sure. Oh, oh, my god, okay. I’m trying to ink earth and down, so they’ll stay upright, but I will be adding stones, so that will also help me stabilize them. Don’t work my way around with the stones. Some leaps have been broken off. I was a little too rough. I just slightly picked those the plant up, and I took the stones right under them, and I even do it in the middle. So I stick my finger in between, and I get them all in. There might not look like it’s relaxing, but this is a relaxing part to me. I love it and I’m getting there slowly, but Shane and I will give this pot a nice, deep watering before I put it up on the shelf and I’ll check with my moisture meter before watering it again. That’s how I water my plants. I mean, sometimes it’s obvious, and and you just know that they need water to just water them sometimes. I’m not sure, so I always tend to check with the moisture meter, and if you are a beginner with succulents, I really recommend that tool works like a charm. I got mine on Amazon, and that’s what they’re called. They’re just moisture meters and there’s different kinds, But you know, they all kind of do the same thing. Oh, look at that and now that. I’ve kind of adjusted them. That looks a lot better. I think oh, man, so. I hope you enjoyed this video very simple, and if you have a lot of a lot of like one variety of plants. This is something very easy to do. That looks great. I hope you enjoy it until next time. Bye, garden friends.