Aeonium Emerald Ice | Do This To Your Succulent And See The Results | Aeonium Emerald Ice Propagation #mutilation

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Do This To Your Succulent And See The Results | Aeonium Emerald Ice Propagation #mutilation


Hi, everyone, and welcome back again to my channel. So if you are new here. This is Pinay Moran, USA. And if you love planting like I do, please consider subscribing to my channel and don’t forget to press that notification, Bell, so you will be notified every time we have a new upload. videos so for today’s video? Guys, I’m just here in my garden right now. See that, um, we are going to talk about one that I learned from the other group. How to multiply your plans. Look at Im! Just gonna give you guys an update too. One of this plant’s right here. It’s starting to get sunny and like they are changing the color already, so when they are stressed and sunlight, they are more, Uh, red color. Seeing the other side is still green, but in the other side that’s been hidden by the sun. They are starting to turn red, so I’m just placing this one right here here. You go and look at one of these two. They’re getting a little bit sunburned, but look, and I noticed this one has a little deforming going on here, but look, she has that wonder coming out. Look at this one, so by the way, we’re not going to talk about them today. Hi, guys, welcome back again to my channel, so I hope you are doing well, so for today’s vlog, as you can see, I have this beautiful aeonium emerald eyes that I have for almost. I think it’s more than one year now. Almost two years already. I guess I don’t even remember when I got it exactly, but I have two of these a beautiful succulents, but I noticed that it’s taken forever for them to give me, uh, offsets or any babies. So I’m searching about this plant right here about neoniu’m how to force them to grow, and we are going to try it for today and I will show you how we are going to do that so we are going to. Uh, do called mutilation, mutilation or mutilate, mutilate, pinching out or destroying the center point of growth of the plants. So what we are going to? Uh, do with this plan right here. We are going to mutilate or pinching out in the middle in here. So these grow will develop their own stance and your solitary plants will become a multi-heads or a multi-stems. So basically, we are going to destroy these ones right here, only so and the other one right here. I have an example of I have an example of another plant, but this one is a beheaded. One as you can see there. This is the main, uh, a main mother here, and I leave one leaf right here to help the plant to grow faster, so that plant can still make food for this little one here, so as you notice if you be had your succulents without any leaves at all, it takes forever to have a new growth, so this one help them to, um, to grow faster. Another one that I get here. Is this little one? So this is also a beheaded before the mother plant is right here in the middle and as you can see, they grown so much babies already with this. So, um, I forgot. What is the name of this one? But this is a beheaded one. I also have this one right here that I’m trying to save That has been attacked by mealybugs, but look, they have all this new growth already looking healthy, so this one will go back to normal. Hopefully pretty soon, so let’s start with lets. Continue about this aeonium here. So what we’re going to do? We are going to pinch out the middle. This one’s right here. So this is what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna destroy it there. You go so this is how much we, um, removed. I’m going to remove a little bit more here. You go here so we are going to try to move. Uh, remove quite a few leaves here just to give the new growth a space here to grow there you go. I think that’s enough, so that’s it. This one is just going to throw it away. This one, you cannot propagate it because they are really young. Still like this. They won’t. You won’t grow, so I just gonna put it on the side so here. You go very easy, so that’s how we’re gonna do it and we will see how it work in a few months by the way, guys. If you want to do this one, make sure you don’t do this on summer summer season. The best time to do this method is while it’s still cooler in your area or from winter. All the way to spring as Aeonium is active during the season. Avoid doing it when it’s really hot or during the summer season because this plant goes to dormancy in that months, and there’s a lot of chances that your plants will might survive for this also. Don’t do this one on your plants that you just barely planted from the cuttings and they don’t have enough roots yet. One thing to remember too by doing this. You should have, uh, an established roots already for them to survive that stress. So if you do this one on the freshly cuttings, there’s a lot of chances that your plants won’t be able to make it and cannot handle that too much stress at the same time. So, um, your plans that you trying to mutilate will basically just die and won’t survive at all. So make sure you do this one with established roots. Ready, So here you go. We are going to check this one after a couple of months. How they are, uh, how they’re doing so this one will be? Put it on a shaded area, bright, shaded area. So if you do this method, don’t let them to stay in the sun because they have a lot of chance that your plants won’t handle that too much stress. So for this, I will just put it here. So this is my, um, propagation area, So this one will just leave here and well, we’ll see, uh, how they do in a couple of months. After two months. So here you go, today’s been, uh, two months and two weeks with this one since we did the mutilation with this, and, um, they gave me so far. Uh, three babies here. Uh, three new growth going on here. So we have this one right here. The second one and the third one. And I think they have another one here. A little tiny one. That’s barely coming out on the side, so that should be the fourth one, but yeah, so this one right here. They kind of slow grower or its low growth because it’s been two months and two weeks. And this is how big they are already. But look, then the other one that I have. I have them for quite a while now, and they don’t give me any babies. So in this method right here, It’s basically you will destroy your plants. But in return to that, destroying the beauty of it. They gave you another beautiful piece. So I have this all new. Uh, leaves there that I put on top. It’s been growing already. Also, they have that roots. But look here you go. They have three of a new babies coming out so, um. I think I’m gonna do this every time with with this one to make them. Um, you know, to multiply my collection, so this work. This method works for me. So maybe you can try it also on your on your plants. So if you want to multiply your collection faster, you should really try this method. Bye, guys, that’s all for today’s video. So if you love this vlog, please don’t forget to hit the like subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to press the notification Bell. So you will be updated every time I have Diablo videos. Bye, guys, and I hope to see you on my next vlog. you!