Adromischus Cristatus Care | Unique And Easy To Grow Succulent ( Adromischus Cristatus ‘crinkle Leaf Plant’

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Unique And Easy To Grow Succulent ( Adromischus Cristatus ‘crinkle Leaf Plant’


Are you in search of a unique looking succulent that is easy to grow? Check out this adromiscious crestado’s also known as key lime pie. This exotic looking plant is a native to South Africa, and it belongs to the Kashilasi family. It has triangular shaped leaves with wavy edges. That’s why it is also called Crinkle Leaf plant. It has green to gray green. Fuzzy looking leaves. It’s felt like leaves are due to the tiny hairs covering it. What’s unique about this plant is the presence of a thick coat of rusty colored hair like Ariel roots growing along. It’s stems! If you see this, do not worry. It is normal for this plant species. The plant can flower in the spring or summer months when it happens, a tall stem emerges from the main plant and produces small white flowers when the flowers are still closed, you’ll notice some reddish markings and mostly white when opened because this plant is slow growing and also slow growing, it is ideal for container gardens. You can also mix this with other succulents in an arrangement, but make sure to mix with plants of the same light and water requirements for long-lasting results. When you are planting these in containers, make sure there is a drennish hole to facilitate water to drain through and not stagnate at the bottom. It is also important to use a soil mixture that will allow water to drain through fast. You can use the ready-made cactus soil or create your soil mixture of 50 organic mix and 50 in organic mix. If you need the proportion of the soil mixture we use. I will leave it In the description below. It is ideal to grow this outdoors because it can tolerate full sun when fully adjusted, but this will also do well in partial shade, so it can also be grown indoors in a location with bright light when growing outdoors. Protect this from frost, you can water well during their growing period, especially spring and fall, but make sure the soil dries out in between watering, but during winter when they are dormant, provide very minimal watering or maybe skip the watering during that time if you are not sure about their watering needs, do it with caution and up towards less because they can recover fast from not having enough water, but too much of it can kill the plant. It is easy to tell if it needs water because the leaves will shrivel and reduce in size, but you do not need to wait for wrinkled leaves before you water. When it is receiving enough water, it will look thicker and more greener, this plant can be propagated from the stem or from a single leaf when propagating this from leaves, it can be a bit tricky because the leaf will not easily snap from the stem, just like the sedums to ensure you get an intact leaf, use a scissor to remove it, allow the leaves to close and then place in moist to dry soil. You’ll soon see tiny plants coming out from the base of the leaves when you see babies and roots, you can start watering when well established, this plant requires minimal care, but just like other succulent plants. Some of their old leaves dries out and dies other than that. This plant will not require too much time on your part to grow and maintain. I hope you learned something from this tutorial. Please don’t forget to subscribe and hit the like button. If you learned something from this video, see you next time bye. you?